The Gods Unchained team has added a new game mode their crypto card game; the Collection Draft mode. The mode seems to be highly entertaining, combining elements of luck and strategy. All Gods Unchained closed beta players can now play Collection Draft and test their luck versus other players!

About the Collection Draft Mode

In the Collection Draft mode, you draw random cards from your card collection and try to make the best of what has been given to you. So, instead of drawing cards any cards you want from your total card pool, you receive a random, limited card pool and try to make the best of it.

Make the best of the situation and defeat your opponent in the Collection Draft mode

Once you've built your deck, you go and face your opponent in a best-of-5 matchup; the first player that wins 3 rounds wins the matchup. The mode is still in the testing phase, so be sure to report any bugs to the devs if you see them.

Known Bugs

As we said, the mode is still in the testing phase, and you're bound to experience some bugs as you play it. The devs are already aware of some of the bugs, so try to avoid them as you play the mode.

These are:

  • While in Deck Builder, the "Amount owned" indicator might overlap with the card below it.
  • You might experience some visual bugs while hovering over the cards in the Deck Builder.
  • While in the Collection Draft mode, you might experience some text bugs when trying to remove a card from the deck. Specifically, the text might display the wrong number of cards remaining in your deck.
  • The cards you select won't display the "hover over" effect.
  • The 30 card limit can be broken due to the use of "ALT + F4" or "Continue" functions. You may fix this problem by going back to the draft Deck Builder and making sure that you have exactly 30 cards in your pool.
Gods Unchained is a highly competitive, crypto trading card game

On Other Minor Changes

Aside from adding the new game mode, the GU team also made some minor improvements to their game. Specifically, the game will now provide you with hints when you are unable to use God power or spell moves (this will be particularly useful to new players).

Also, the Raiding Kraken, Metamancy, and Azure Djinni cards have been removed from the game for the time being due to some issues. Lastly, the team managed to fix the OSX rendering bug which prevented the in-game UI text from rendering.

Care to try your luck in the new Card Drafting mode? Head on over to our DGaming store and start collecting your Gods Unchained cards. And remember; this is a blockchain game, meaning that all the cards you buy have value outside the game itself!