Have you seen any mysterious creatures wandering around Decentraland? If you have, fear not; those are just Axies! They have a license to be there and will bring fortune and wealth to those that find them. And how can you find them? By joining the Axie scavenger event!

What Is The Scavenger Event?

A few days ago, Decentraland made an official announcement that they have partnered with the Axie Infinity. In celebration of this newly forged partnership, the parties created an Axie scavenger event.

The goal of this event is to search for Axies. There are three unique Axie mascots in Decentraland, resting somewhere in Genesis City. Those that find the mascot will receive valuable prizes from the Axie universe.

How Does It Work?

At the start of the event, players are able to see a totem-like Axies located on specific parcels in Decentraland. A player must visit the totem, and solve the riddle it provides. If a player succeeds in this process, they will be one step closer to finding the mascot. Each player has to go through a series of tests to demonstrate that they are worthy of owning the mascot!

With each solved puzzle, they'll receive clues, which should bring them closer to their ultimate goal. It’s recommended that players own at least one Axie for this event. Players may choose to solve the event without owning an Axie, but then their journey will be much harder. In short, they will have to solve more puzzles and discover more clues to complete the event.

What Are Axies?

Axies are digital assets that players can collect, buy, sell, breed and battle. Each Axie is unique and its value is backed by the non-fungible ERC721 coin. Axie Infinity, like other popular decentralized games, gives players total control over their digital assets.

There are 6 classes of Axies, each having a unique set of abilities and attributes. Their strength is measured in stats, which can increase or decrease depending on the Axies' progress in the game.

Players can battle and breed their Axies to make them more powerful. An Axie that wins a battle will gain experience and become stronger. To breed their Axies, players must mix 2 or 3 Axies into a 1 (potentially powerful and unique) Axie.

What Can We Expect From This Partnership?

This partnership is the result of the latest collective effort to create a DGaming multiverse. By merging Decentraland and Axie Infinity, players will be able to act and progress in both worlds (in the future).

Users will have more power and freedom because their assets won't be tied to just one game. Particular in-game assets will be usable in multiple games, and their value will be intact even if the original game shuts down.