CryptoAssault, a blockchain-based massively multiplayer game announced that all their units are now tradable on OpenSea. With this achievement, the players will have much more liberty with regards to their asset control and monetisation.

Why Is This Big?

OpenSea, a cryptocollectable trading platform, offers a range of plausible possibilities to its users. For example, CryptoAssault players will now be able to list their in-game assets (war units) for sale while keeping them in their wallets. This means that players can, simultaneously, put their units on sale but still deploy them on the battlefield.

Furthermore, Crypto Assault players can put their units on sale without paying the gas fee. In doing so, players also won't have to wait for the blockchain to confirm their offer. To place an offer, the only thing players now have to do is list the units they want to sell and sign the list with MetaMask.

Let Them Bid

Many players find it hard to determine the value of their CryptoAssault assets. The good news is that can now let others bid on their assets. Moreover, players can bid on a unit they like even if that specific unit is not for sale. The item's owner may choose to accept the offer (if they find it to be fair) or decline and wait for higher offers.

If accepted, players will receive Wrapped Ethereum (WETH) for their item. Bidding is becoming more and more popular with crypto games since it aligns with the industry's philosophy of true asset ownership and freedom of trade.

Bundle Up And Expand Your Options

OpenSea allows its users to sell bundle items. So, if you are one of those CryptoAssault players that have too many units, you can now bundle them and sell in one transaction. This ties well to the fact that, in doing so, you won't have to pay the gas fee!

By joining OpenSea, CryptoAssault and its players have connected to a network where many other digital collectables dwell. In the true sense of that word, this recent announcement is a win-win-win situation:

  • OpenSea adds another game to its platform, thus increasing the probability of having more assets and therefore more transactions.
  • CryptoAssault gets more exposure and extends its reach to players who perhaps didn't even know that such game even existed. But once they see the cool looking in-game war units, they might join this Command & Conquer-like blockchain-based game.

CryptoAssault players now have various ways to profit from their in-game efforts. They can buy and sell assets more liberally and without paying the gas fee.