After releasing an improved Account System and changing their logo, EOSBet is happy to announce that their betting platform now accepts Bitcoin (BTC) betting. BTC betting is now officially in beta phase, allowing players to deposit, bet and withdraw BTC with no extra fees.

Why Is This Big?

Allowing players to deposit, bet and withdraw BTC is a big milestone for EOSBet. Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency, one that started the crypto revolution. It's also the most used cryptocurrency, which is why it's important for blockchain gaming and gambling companies to implement BTC payment systems into their platforms.

Bitcoin betting has arrived at EOSBet platform

By allowing players to use BTC on their platform, EOSBet also became the first EOS DApp to natively accept BTC. And, thanks to the EOSBet Account System, players can perform direct deposits and withdrawals without using 3rd-party services and wallets, and without any extra fees.

Reaching More Users

EOSBet believes that their provably fair and decentralized gambling platform will encourage users to move from centralized platforms to their platform. Their Account System witnessed 280 new accounts, which together bet over $1.5 million. It's reasonable to assume that these numbers will grow now that users can bet both with EOS and BTC.

EOSBet will also feature a new airdrop system for BTC wagering, rewarding users with 80 BET tokens per 1 BTC wagered. Furthermore, all BET token holders will start receiving BTC dividends, which they can immediately transfer from their EOSBet accounts to BTC wallets.

Depositing & Withdrawing

The process of depositing BTC to your EOSBet account is very simple:

  1. Click on the arrow mark in the top right corner.
  2. Select "Deposit Funds"
  3. Select "BTC"
  4. Copy your BTC deposit address and send funds to it

As for the BTC, they'll appear on the "My Dividends" page, beneath your EOS dividends. If you have any claimable dividends, simply click on the green "Claim Dividends Now" tab and enjoy your BTCs.

Announcing Future Updates

EOSBet announced that they plan on implementing more cryptocurrencies to their platform in the upcoming months. Moreover, they've said that users will experience the same high-speed performance when using BTC as they do with EOS.

You can now claim your BTC dividends and withdraw them to your wallet

EOSBet is also planning to roll out their affiliate marketing program and focus on users outside of the EOS community. And, to celebrate their BTC acceptance, the team announced that this weekend they'd launch a bountiful promotion for all BTC users.