Today, Decentraland announced that all imToken owners will be able to participate in the upcoming Decentraland LAND auction. More importantly, they'll be able to do so via their imToken dApp and browser.

A Mutually Beneficial Partnership

As of today, Decentraland Marketplace is fully integrated with the imToken wallet. This integration is the result of Decentraland's desire to make their LAND accessible to the broader audience. This announcement (made by Decentraland) implies that all imToken owners will be able to participate in the next Decentraland LAND auctions, that is due in 3 days.

It is fair to say that both parties involved, Decentraland and imToken, are happy with this integration; Decentraland gets access to the imToken infrastructure and user base, while imToken users get browser access to Decentraland LAND auction and marketplace. Decentraland has advised users to visit the Tokenlon Instant exchange if they want to buy MANA or LAND.

What Is imToken?

imToken is a cryptocurrency wallet that allows users to manage their digital assets with ease. The wallet is compatible with multiple blockchains and has direct access to fast and easy-to-use services.

Furthermore, imToken uses only one key for all these services. It has direct access to the Kyber Network and 0x Protocol and allows users to transfer items using one account only.

This enables users to manage their collectibles (tokens and other digital assets) across many wallets without delays or restrictions. The wallet stores but isn't limited to ERC20 tokens), digital assets, etc.

What Is the imToken dApp Browser?

One of the best things about imToken wallet is its native dApp browsers. This browser is crypto-friendly, optimized for those that own, trade, buy or sell digital assets. Most importantly, it allows users to transfer items on multiple blockchains with ease, using a single key to access all apps.The imToken 2.0 browser is fully functional and works with both Android and iOS devices. Once they download and install the browser, users will be able to use all of its services and features, as well as manage their digital assets (tokens, transactions, wallets, etc) with ease.Those that want to participate in the next LAND auction should navigate through the dApp list and pick Decentraland Marketplace. There, they'll be able to browse land and buy it at the auction. It is also worth noting that users have the option to import their existing wallet data to the imToken, without the need of creating a new wallet.