Two days ago, Enjin unveiled yet another member of their Early Adopter Program; HEX World. In this game, players (geomancers) will be able to explore unique worlds, collect scarce items, encounter mighty elementals and combat other players.

What Is HEX World?

HEX World is a strategy game build on the blockchain. It consists of endless unique worlds and allows players to gather material, craft and trade items. Players will, once the game is in full release (currently entering Alpha stage), fight for the control of the HEX worlds within the HEX universe.

The development team aims to create a real-time combat system that will be carried out on tile-based battlegrounds. The game emphasises uniqueness above everything else and should consist of unique words, characters, abilities, and items.

On The Alpha Stage

HEX World is now in public Alpha, meaning that users are free to join and play the game in its current state. Moreover, players are very much appreciated and are free to share their thoughts and ideas on how to make the game better.

Those that join the game become geomancers. For now, they can explore the world and its elements. Furthermore, HEX World announced their Founder's Token giveaway to celebrate their Alpha release.

What Can We Expect In Beta?

The first HEX universe will emerge in the upcoming beta. The player's mission will be to explore it and progress towards its centre (known as the galactic core). Every galaxy will have 32 Genesis Relics, and the player's job will be to find these relics and turn them to one of the legendary dragons (Sol, Luna, and Hexa).

The players will, in turn, receive rewards for their offerings. Their actions will also have a direct impact on the entire universe (with great power comes great responsibility)! The game will be truly free to play, and all the in-game assets will be obtainable by just playing the game.

And, since HEX World runs on Ethereum, players will own their assets in the real sense of that word, meaning that they'll be able to mint their items into tokens and store them in their wallets.

Partnering With Enjin

HEX World will contain assets backed by Enjin Coins. This means that all in-game assets will have real value. Players will be able to either trade their assets or melt them for their pertaining value. Moreover, HEX World players will be able to interact with all other games that have adopted Enjin-backed assets.HEX World is a promising game. Should it maintain its truly free to play model, it will enable players to profit by just playing the game. The development team also announced that HEX World assets will be usable in other upcoming HEX games.