The DGaming industry is booming, with new games being released on a regular basis. The latest addition to the industry is MoonCryptoPolis, a blockchain strategy game that enables players to claim parts of the Moon and excavate resources hidden beneath its surface.

What Is MoonCryptoPolis?

MoonCryptoPolis is a strategy game running on the Ethereum blockchain. The game takes place on the Moon, which is divided into sectors, with each sector containing valuable resources that players can mine and convert into Ether (ETH). And don't worry; we're talking about a digital copy of the Moon, not the actual Moon (you don’t have to be an astronaut to play this game!)

In MoonCryptoPolis, players claim sectors, extract resources and build moon bases

Players can obtain a piece of land by participating in auctions, the auctions being run by artificial corporations. Each corporation has its own rules and determines factors such as the initial bids, excavation speeds, plot prices, and so forth.

Explaining The Plot System

When a player buys a plot, 50% of the paid price is translated to the resources fund. For instance, if a player buys Sector XC1 for 10 ETH, that sector's (Sector XC1) resource fund is valued at 5 ETH. 5% of the mentioned 50% goes to the Global Reserve Fund, which directly impacts the value of all unclaimed plots (more on that later).

Also, when a player purchases a sector, that increases the value of the 24 surrounding plots. Furthermore, if someone buys a plot that is near yours, you receive a share of ETH that another player spent on that plot. Value of a sector also increases when a player constructs a moon base on it.

How Does The Base-Building Work?

To build a base, a player must obtain at least 5 land plots. The devs suggest that players buy land plots near Ore Spots since these will allow them to build mines and excavate precious Ore. A fully operable moon base should have 5 elements: Command Center, Mine, Storage, Landing Pad and Living Block.

A fully operable Moon Base

Note that the players can trade land plots as they see fit. However, players can't trade plots that have moon base parts built on them. They can, however, offer an entire base for sale. Each sector is an ERC-721 token, meaning that a player truly owns the plot he/she purchased.

The Resources And Jackpot System

The game features 2 types of resources:

  1. Ore - Ore resources can be found on the predetermined Ore Spots. Ore can contain one of the following: Titan, Platinum, Rare-Earth Metals, Gold.
  2. H2O and Helium3 - these resources can be gathered on any land plot. Players can transform the resources they excavate into ETH.

The game also features a Jackpot system. As we already said, 5% of all auctions and sector upgrade purchases will go to the Global Reserve Fund. The accumulated amount will then be distributed across all unclaimed sectors and increase their starting resource value.