Forest Knight, a highly-anticipated turn-based blockchain game, has announced its very first Winter sale. Users who wish to support the devs can participate in the sale by purchasing Winter chests which contain unique and mighty items.

On Winter Chests

Forest Knight Winter Sale will begin on January 10th (15 pm PT). Users will be able to purchase chests with both Fiat and Cryptocurrencies. Each chest may contain 1 of 12 possible items; all items are rare and valuable. More importantly, all items that are obtained during the sale are unreplicable and will never again be obtainable.

Get a Winter chest to get ahead of the rest!

Furthermore, each item is backed by Enjin Coin (ENJ). The value of these items will never decline. In fact, due to their inherent value, it is probable that the value of these items will increase with time.

We should also point out that the chests themselves (winter chests) will be backed by 1 ENJ. When the game launches, chest owners will receive perpetual rewards because they've joined and supported the game at its earliest days.

Investing In The Game

Chrono Games, the development team behind Forest Knight, is inviting all interested parties to join the Forest Knight community. The accumulated money will mostly be reinvested into game development, ensuring that the game has a successful launch.

On their website, Chrono Games presented their roadmap, enabling users to see how the money they invest is going to be used. Moreover, the team will add 50,000 ENJ to the in-game price pool with each achieved milestone. There are 10 milestones to reach, meaning that the total prize pool could reach half a million ENJ (roughly $20,000).

On Additional Rewards and The Game Launch

All Winter Sale participants will receive additional rewards when the game reaches a milestone (you can see some of the potential rewards in the image below).

All Winter Sale participants may receive these mighty looking weapons

Forest Knight now also has its own dedicated Discord server. If you want to be a part of this community, share your thoughts on how the game could improve and participate in frequent contests (and earn rewards), feel free to join.

Forest Knight plans to have its first open public launch in the 1st quarter of 2019. However, the team said that they might postpone the launch if they find it necessary, their motto being "a delayed game can be amazing, but a rushed game will always be bad."

If you didn’t know, Forest Knight, like some other games, adopted the Enjin platform with the intention of bringing Enjin (and the blockchain in general) to the mainstream.