Enjin is firing on all cylinders! First, they developed the Enjin Mintshop, allowing users to create unique blockchain assets and cryptocurrencies. Now, they've come up with the system that will enable users to receive those items without common obstacles.

Introducing The Enjin Beam

Enjin Beam is an Enjin smart wallet feature that eliminates common barriers for acquiring cryptocurrencies and blockchain assets. The feature is designed for receiving ERC-20 (cryptocurrency) and ERC-1155 (blockchain items created with Enjin's Mintshop).

Enjin Beam is the first piece of technology of its kind! It only requires a visible QR code positioned on any common medium. This technology is suitable for online marketing (like social media), video platforms (like YouTube), retailers, commercial products, and so forth.

How Does It Work (For QR Code Creatures)?

Those that wish to integrate this technology with their business should:

  1. Use Enjin's Mintshop to create digital assets.
  2. Contact Enjin and ask for a QR code. Each item, whether it is an ERC-20 or ERC-1155, will have its own QR code.
  3. Once you receive your QR code, you can share it with your audience. You can send it to a user or a group of users. You may also post it on your website, emails, social media channels, etc.

How Does It Work (For QR Code Receivers)?

Users need to have a verified Enjin wallet on their smartphones. Furthermore, they need to access their wallet, press the hamburger in the top right corner and click on "Scan QR."

The DApp will ask for permission to use the camera in order to scan the QR code. The camera will immediately scan the code. If the action is successful, it will redirect the user to the Enjin Beam Giveaway Claim. There, users can claim their pertaining rewards.

On Scanner's Functionality

Enjin Beam is now fully functional and ready for use. It even allows users to scan cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin and Ethereum). It also features an SMS confirmation system (for safety reasons). Most importantly, the QR code creators have various options regarding this system.

For example, they may choose to limit the QR code availability and set wanted limitations. This allows creators to send QR code to thousands of users, but limit the QR code usage to 100 (for example), which means that only the first 100 users will receive the prize. And while the system requires phone number verification, it doesn't store those numbers or use it for any other purposes.

A Cause For Celebration!

Enjin announced that they'd prepared a giveaway to celebrate the release of their Enjin Beam system. The giveaway contains 3,674 items, backed by 146,350 Enjin Coins (ENJ). Participants may receive the following assets:

  • Enjin Multiverse - Gaming items which can be used in games that are part of the Enjin Multiverse program (9 games thus far).
  • Frozen Enjin - Users can melt precious Ice Cubes and receive up to 1,000 ENJ.
  • Multiverse Founders Token (MFT) - MFTs are unique tokens that'll grant continued rewards. MFT owners will receive prizes from all the founders of the Enjin Multiverse (if the founders adopt the perpetual Multiverse award program). You can read more about this in our “Is The Forest Knight MFT A Hidden Treasure?” article.

What Are The Implications Of This System?

Enjin Beam is bringing the blockchain and cryptocurrencies to the general public. Now, businesses of all types can mint tokens and send them to their customers. Customers can buy a product, scan the item's QR code to receive purchased items almost instantly. Some businesses already plan to utilise this technology. Fashion retailer O’Kill used Enjin's Mintshop to create blockchain digital assets. And now, they'll be able to send QR codes to their customers and allow them to obtain their products with ease. Customers will also receive confirmation of their purchase which will act as a proof of ownership.