Blockchain technology allows games like Nestables to deliver a play-to-earn (P2E) gaming experience to its players. In this article, we'll explain how Nestables plans to make its game fun, creative, customizable and profitable.

A Truly Free Market Economy

In Nestables, you'll be able to trade, buy, sell, collect and lease Cubes. Cubes are unique digital pets in Nestables, with a unique appearance, patterns, traits, and so on. Each Cube is special, and therefore valuable. It's that scarcity and uniqueness that gives each Cube its intrinsic value.

Each Cube is unique

Though Cubes are backed by currency, they're also a work of art. The Nestables team put a lot of thought into creating Cubes and making them unique; that's what makes them even more valuable! And of course, if it took 10 hours to design Cube A, and 2 hours to design Cube B, the Nestables team and the community will value them accordingly.

Likewise, if a Cube A chops 60 wood in one minute, and Cube B only 30, their values will differentiate. When determining the value of Cubes, it’s important to keep this, and various other things, in mind. Yes, a Cube is backed by currency, but it’s also a unique, digital work of art that someone created out of nothing (write that down)!

It's More Than Just Cubes

By using the Nestables' Building Editor you'll be able to create an ideal Nest for your Cubes. You'll be able to unleash your creativity and design beautifully decorated Nests. Of course, the team will add pre-made buildings to the Editor to make it easier for players to decorate their Nests.

However, the team is also aware that some players will want to design things on their own. In fact, one of the main reasons why Nestables is launching on PC is to enable users to design Nests, homes, and buildings with greater precision.

Look beyond the Cubes

And don't forget that you'll have the option to sell your creations to others. It's quite possible that some players will play the game simply because they like designing Nestables Nests. In return, Nestables will leverage blockchain technology to enable these players to profit from their efforts.

Skins And Wearables

When gamers think about skins, they think "Valueless but cool/beautiful items." Wrong! Thanks to blockchain, skins, and wearables can also become assets with real-world value.

And since Nestables wants to make its game as customizable as possible, you'll be able to pretty up your Cubes with various wearables. Most importantly, you'll be able to sell each particular wearable whenever and however you want.

Pretty up your Cubes with fancy collectibles

Nestables is a unique game, and we're sure that its backers are anxious to play it. If you like Nestables, you'll probably also like other crypto-collectibles such as Blockchain Cuties or CryptoKitties. The best thing about this is that they're all in our DGaming Store. So go ahead; snoop around, find the game you like and start playing!