CryptoWars had quite a busy June. The game hosted several tournaments, recorded 445K blockchain transactions, and saw its players building more than 1,000 villages. All of these things made CryptoWars the #1 Loom Network DApp in June.

Many Tournaments, Much Dai

In June, CryptoWars held 5 tournaments and awarded 55 best players with 1,350 Dai. Keep in mind that Dai is a stablecoin, meaning that 1350 equates to roughly $1350. Not bad for a crypto game, right?

Use strategy to outplay your enemies and steal their loot

The CryptoWars team also fixed several bugs that popped up in June, ensuring that the community can enjoy the game to its fullest. Holding 5 tournaments in just one month didn't only bring profits to the players, but also helped CryptoWars reach the #1 most used DApp on the Loom Network in June.

Introducing New Changes And Features

The CryptoWars' art and development teams also had a busy June. The artists made a new background which displays the realm battlefield on the in-game interface to make UI and UX more appealing.

Furthermore, the dev team patched the trading system which enables the players to bet against the game on various rates. Effectively, the players can now watch the supply and demand of specific assets, make the right bets, and earn a profit more seamlessly.

There’s always something new in CryptoWars

The TURBO Mode Is Here

The TURBO mode is probably the most significant addition to the game. The mode not only shortens the duration of the CryptoWars tournaments but also introduces faster gameplay. That way the game can host more tournaments, and the players can enjoy faster gameplay, have more fun, and earn even more profits.

The team also plans to expand upon this game mode and introduce the TURBO+ mode. This mode would not only retain the gameplay speed of the TURBO mode but would also limit the duration of the tournaments to 4 hours and add initial buildings to speed things up even further.

Looking Forward To July

Though the team has a lot to celebrate, they're already preparing for July. CryptoWars will, together with its tournament sponsors, continue to host tournaments and reward the most active players.

They say that Glass Locos are… well, loco!

If you'd like to earn a piece of that delicious tournament prize pool, start playing CryptoWars. Remember that you also earn items as you play the game, which you can later sell on the market and earn a real-world profit. To start playing, go straight to our DGaming Store!