The number of video game industry veterans that are switching their attention to the DGaming industry is growing. The most recent addition to DGaming is Planet Digital Partners (PDP). PDP is a game development studio with a goal to bring AAA blockchain games to popular gaming platforms, including PC, PS4, Xbox, and mobile.

Who are Planet Digital Partners?

PDP consist of many notable gaming industry names, including: Steve Grossman, the former Executive Producer of the Nintendo World Championships; Kelly Sumner, the former CEO of RedOctane (Guitar Hero) and Chris Deering, the former president of Sony PlayStation Europe and the “Father of PlayStation”.

To raise funds, PDP is currently making preparations for its security token offering (STO). Future investors will be able to purchase the Rocket Token (RTK) and enjoy all of its benefits. RTK is in its essence an Ethereum ERC-20 token.

What Are The Benefits Of RTK?

Those who purchase RTKs will receive rewards based on future PDP game sales. PDP will offer $38 million worth of RTKs via its STO. RTK holders will receive 80% of profits until PDP recovers their initial investment. After that, investors will receive 40% of net sales profits. In addition to this, RKT holders will gain 5% of all net profits from the game sequel sales.

Let's put this in layman's terms. If you buy the token, you'll receive 80% of net profits until PDP returns their initial investment, which is $38 million. After that, you'll receive 40% of all future game sales. Additionally, when the game releases sequels, and if those sequels sell, you'll receive 5% per sold sequel.

Why Focus On Blockchain Technology?

Many blockchain game developers attract initial investments through STOs. The CEO of Planet Digital said that, unlike initial public offerings (IPOs), STOs democratize investing by allowing investors to see a return on their investment as soon as the project starts.

Furthermore, the company wants to utilize blockchain's principles and deliver new experiences to gamers. PDP argues that the big game developers like Electronic Arts narrowly focus on developing big-budget games and consciously ignore developing games for less than $10 million.

PDP believes that blockchain will bring take gaming to a whole new level

PDP has already proved that low-budget games can net big profits. Their games, including Bass Pro Shops, Cooking Mama and Cabela's were developed with a low budget, but have sold for over $300 million.

Many of the PDP games of the future will be blockchain games. Traditional gamers will experience the wonders of the blockchain, including true asset ownership, asset monetization, multiverse components, and so forth.

PDP also believes that blockchain will solve many problems that are plaguing the traditional gaming industry, including cheating, frauds, and virtual goods that have zero value outside their pertaining games.