On January 27th, between 6pm and 10pm CET, ChainMonsters will launch its 1st public multiplayer test. The ChainMonsters team is inviting all players to join the test and help them polish the upcoming multiplayer mode. In return, ChainMonsters will award participants with special prizes.

Preparations For Version 0.4

Two weeks ago, we published an article about the upcoming ChainMonsters update. We touched on the game’s progression since it launched, and talked about its desire to introduce multiplayer-oriented game modes. But before they release version 0.4, the devs are inviting all interested players to join the upcoming public test.

A true player knows when to fight, and when to escape!

The test will last 4 hours, during which the players will be able to try the multiplayer mode and provide their thoughts on it.  ChainMonsters will reward the players for their contribution; anyone that completes at least 1 battle during the testing period will receive a special gift from the devs.

How To Participate

The first thing you need to do is complete the ChainMonsters Google form, which will ask for your in-game Ethereum address. Also, you'll need to state your desired testing version, i.e., whether you want to test the multiplayer mode on iOS, Android, Windows, or Mac.

If you're new to the game, you'll first need to set up your ChainMonsters account. The cool thing is that you'll only need a starter pack to test the servers. Even cooler is the fact that the ChainMonsters team will unlock extra monsters for testing purposes. So, if have only the starter pack, the devs will give you 3 additional monsters to expand your roster.

Another cool thing about the testing is that your monsters will keep their progress after the testing phase, meaning that they'll keep their XP and battle stats.

Why Should You Join?

If you never played ChainMonsters, now is the time to test it! Why? Well first off, you'll get a starter pack and 3 extra monsters for testing purposes; the starter pack will remain in your possession.

Explore the unexplored caves and earn in-game rewards

Secondly, you'll have 4 hours to learn the game, practice your strategies and above all, have some fun! Thirdly, you don't have to win a battle to earn participation prizes; all you have to do is complete at least 1 battle!

All participants will receive 200 Gold and 5 Raid passes. With Gold, users can buy in-game assets, including additional monsters and items. Raid Passes, on the other hand, will be introduced in version 0.4 and will allow players to enter special Gym battles and earn championship status.