In this article, we're going to talk about Special Edition Hedgies. Hedgies are digital pets in the game with the same name. In Hedgie, you play for free, explore kingdoms, boost your Hedgies with items, build homes, and earn crypto.

What Are Hedgies Exactly?

Technically speaking, Hedgies are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). This means that each Hedgie is unique because it has a unique hex code. This hex code determines Hedgie's color, with each color being unique.

It looks like 4/20 Hedgie find some interesting consumables in Curiopia

In the game, you venture with your Hedgie through various kingdoms. Throughout your journey, you collect items and empower your Hedgie. You also earn Curio (in-game currency), resources, gear, and consumables. Your Hedgies also need a home where they can replenish their energy. To build homes you need resources, which you can find throughout the Curiopia.

What Are Special Edition Hedgies?

Each Hedgie is special, and Special Edition Hedgies are the most special. They have special designs, looks, and appearances. The devs made 3 categories of Special Edition Hedgies, including Rare, Ultra-Rare and Unique. Rare Hedgies are capped at 100, Ultra-Rare at 10, and Unique at 1.

Take Bitcoin Hedgies as an example. Here we have Gold, Silver and Bronze Hedgies; Gold is Unique, Silver Ultra-Rare, and Bronze Rare. This means that there's only one Golden Bitcoin Hedgies, 10 Silver Ultra-Rare Hedgies, and 100 Rare Bronze Hedgies.

Bitcoin Hedgies

Other Examples of Special Hedgies

Halloween Hedgies, Valentine's Day Hedgies, Women's Day Hedgies... you name it! Special Edition Hedgies come in many forms and sizes, and most are inspired by pop culture. For example, Halloween Hedgies are inspired by the likes of Freddy Cruger or Jigsaw. Then there's the Cupid Hedgie, which can be a perfect Valentine's Day gift for your loved one.

Some Special Edition Hedgies are available on the OpenSea platform. More importantly, there's also the option to purchase Hedgies with Curio through the in-game marketplace. The cool thing about this is that you can buy Special Edition Hedgies by simply playing the game. So, you can play the game, earn Curio, buy Hedgies with Curio, and then sell it for crypto.

Cupid Hedgie is a perfect Valentine’s Day crypto gift

It's also vital to know that the Hedgie team often runs giveaways, which is another great way of obtaining Special Edition Hedgies. And BTW, the devs hid 5 Bitcoin Hedgies inside their Hedgie Color picker; guess the right color combination and you'll get Bitcoin Hedgie for free!

If you're a fan of crypto collectibles, you got to try Hedgie. It's a unique and adventures game, with a loyal community and creative and smart team behind it. So go ahead and visit our DGaming Store to start your Hedgie journey!