Imagine being able to convert one collectible into another, and then play with it in a different game. The My Crypto Heroes (MCH) team is doing just that; creating a tool that will make this possible. Sounds interesting? Scroll down and see what's it all about.

What Is The MCH NFT Converter?

Interoperability is one of blockchain's greatest strengths. In essence, it's the ability to access multiple games with one asset, which is impossible in the world of traditional gaming.

The MCH team believes that gamers should be able to access multiple games with their assets. To make this possible they're developing the NFT Converter. This converter will have a built-in smart contract, which will ensure that the migration of assets happens securely and smoothly.

One asset, multiple games

This smart contract will support ERC-721 tokens and allow you to convert one ERC-721 token into another. Moreover, the smart contract will also let you convert your new token into an original one. That way, you'll always be able to retrieve your original asset if you want.

How Does This Work?

Let's say that you want to play Crypto Spells, a game that adopts most of the mechanics from MCH. You like the game, but you don't have any cards, and you don't want to spend extra crypto on it. However, you have plenty of MCH heroes.

Crypto Spells is a new blockchain card game

And this is where the NFT converter comes into play; it allows you to convert your MCH heroes into Crypto Spells cards! The smart contract determines the value of your heroes and provides you with the corresponding Crypto Spells cards. In this process, your MCH tokens act as collaterals while you're playing with your Crypto Spells cards.

Your heroes won't be burnt, and you won't be able to play MCH with it. Only when you convert your Crypto Spells cards back to the original MCH heroes will you be able to play with them in MCH.

Part Of A Greater Plan

The NFT converter is just one tool in the MCH+ Initiative. This initiative's goal is to create a gaming universe, where users will be able to play numerous games with assets from just one game.

The MCH+ Initiative aims to create an interoperable gaming multiverse

The MCH team announced that some MCH assets would be usable in Crypto Spells later this summer. Similarly, users that own Crypto Spells cards will be able to access MCH by leveraging the converter. Lastly, the team is currently in talks with other potential partners, with whom they plan to build this interoperable gaming multiverse.

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