Just recently, CryptoRome unveiled more details about the highly-anticipated Roman Conquest. The big update is expected to be released in summer this year, bringing with it numerous game-changing features and content to the CryptoRome community.

About The Roman Conquest Philosophy

While working on the Roman Conquest update, the CryptoRome team is guided by the following philosophies:

  • Roman Conquest should be as entertaining as possible. Additionally, the update should be mechanically simple, but complex in terms of strategy and tactics.
  • The update will be built upon the existing CryptoRome economy system. This means that players will be able to leverage resources, armies, and items produced in their villages.
  • Roman Conquest battles will require more resources, making them scarcer and more valuable. Consequently, the land in CryptoRome will become more valuable because the players will fight for resources that dwell on that land.
  • Roman Conquest will be multiplayer-focused update and should allow both existing and new players to have fun and make a profit.
  • Roman Conquest is being built with long-term mentality in mind, delivering an immersive gaming experience that players will enjoy for many, many years.
The Roman Conquest map is going to be gigantic!

About The Roman Conquest Gameplay

The Roman Conquest is a strategy game where players will fight for control over more than 2000 cities! From Britannia to Carthage, and Mesopotamia to Lusitania, players will attack lands they find worth conquering and defend lands worth holding.

The 2D game map will be divided into 40 historical regions, with each region featuring cities, rewards and unique tokenized characters. Each region will have 50 cities, one of which will be the capital city. Effectively, each conquered city will net its owner in-game rewards, special characters, and traits, with capital cities netting the best rewards.

On Combat And Prizes

The combat will consist of specific in-game actions, including espionage, attacking, defending, deploying units, changing formations, and so forth. The mechanics themselves will be easy-to-use; it's how the player uses them that makes the game difficult.

Players will also have to strategically spread out their armies, sacrifice cities for the sake of long-term goals, redistribute reinforcements, and leverage special in-game characters. In doing so, players will earn in-game rewards, Denaris, and Caesar points. Yes; if you accumulate enough Caesar points, you'll become the Caesar himself!

The player that accumulates the most Caesar points will become THE Caesar

There's so much more to be said about this update, so be sure to check out CryptoRome's official blog to find more info about the Roman Conquest rewards, political system, resources, battles, and so forth. If you are a fan of mass scale strategy games and would love to play CryptoRome, you can start your conquest right now by visiting our DGaming store.