A task of building bridges between the traditional gaming industry and DGaming industry is one that only a few companies are willing to execute. One of those companies is GameCredits, who seeks to utilize the power of the blockchain to empower numerous gaming companies and familiarize more than 2.5 billion gamers worldwide with the technology.

Unveiling the GameCredits Gaming Store

Two days ago, the GameCredits team announced they would officially launch the GameCredits PC gaming store in March 2019. The store will feature more than 3000 gaming titles, including Fortnite, Ace Combat 7, Far Cry New Dawn, and Battlefield 5.

GameCredits logo

Most importantly, users will be able to purchase these gaming titles using cryptocurrency only. Specifically, gamers worldwide will pay for their games with GameCredits (GAME), the GameCredits’ native cryptocurrency.

Why Should You Purchase Games Via GameCredits Store?

First and foremost, you'll be able to buy most games at discounted rates thanks to the GameCredit's favorable partnerships with many other parties. Furthermore, you'll be able to purchase games without leaving the convenient and secure environment of the GameCredits store.

Instead of creating several accounts on different platforms, you'll be able to purchase games from different publishers by using your GameCredits account only. Also, you won't have to unveil your credit card, ID or any other personal data to create an account and interact with the store.

Additionally, as the GameCredits store gains momentum, users can expect more lucrative discounts and special offers. Once the platform gains popularity and more users engage with it, it's reasonable to assume that GAME's value will rise, giving GAME holders greater purchasing power.

Partnering With Financial Institutions

GameCredits has received verbal confirmation from many financial institutions that seek to support the GameCredits long-term goals. GameCredits said that they'd use these funds to:

  • Expand functionality and reach of their gaming store
  • Progress with the development of Fantasy Sports wagering platforms
  • Broaden the development of Player-to-Player wagering and BR platform
  • Develop a marketplace for various virtual assets
  • Market the platform in order to reach more users worldwide

GameCredits is partnered with Ledger, Trezor and other crypto wallets

Many of the things that are laid out in the list above were already in the GameCredits' roadmap. The company was very quiet over the past couple of months, making moves behind the scenes and working tirelessly to restore the company's former glory. The team did announce that from this point forward they'll regularly share their roadmap with their community.