In this article, we’re going to talk about CryptantCrab, a blockchain version of the famous Crab War game. This is also a perfect time to familiarize yourself CryptantCrab, for the devs just launched a new battle system with lucrative crypto rewards.

What Is CryptantCrab?

CryptantCrab is a crypto collectible developed by award-winning game developer Appxplore, also a developer of iCandy. The game draws inspiration from Betta Fish Fight, a very popular Southeast Asian sport.

Similar to real life fish that fight in Betta Fish Fight, CryptantCrabs have unique appearances, color patterns, and parts. Each CryptantCrab is hatched by one of the game's four elements: Water, Fire, Air, and Metal. Most importantly, each CryptantCrab is unique and truly owned by the player, and can be sold freely on several trading platforms, including OpenSea.

Assemble your team of unique crabs, crush your enemies and earn crypto

On CryptantCrab Gameplay

In CryptantCrabs, players collect, train and battle crabs. As you win battles, you earn rewards, which allows you to obtain stronger crabs and crab parts. CryptantCrabs can also mutate and become stronger over time, with all the progression being stored on the blockchain.

A big part of the CryptantCrab game is Cryptant, a material that allows you to mutate and xenograft your crabs. Players may obtain Cryptant in-game and via CryptantCrab store.

And though players may upgrade their crabs with better body parts, the CryptantCrab's Heart cannot be replaced. Moreover, CryptantCrab Hearts cannot be modified, for they carry natural traits that are unique for each crab. For instance, CryptantCrab Hearts determine DPS, HP, block, and resistance of each CryptantCrab.

About the New Battle System

In this game, players battle against each other in the Battle Arena. The new system makes this process more worthwhile because it backs each Battle Arena with prizes worth 5 Ethereum (ETH).

Looks cool, doesn’t it?

Furthermore, the new battle system allows both new and experienced players to join the Arena and clash versus other players. To join these battles, you need to have at least two CryptantCrabs. You're also able to equip each crab with two Fossils to enhance their fighting skills.

Once you have your team ready, throw them in the pit against other 5 teams in a 1v1, all versus all matchup. While fighting, your crabs will not only net your crypto rewards but will also earn combat experience and grow stronger with each battle.

How to Earn Rewards?

Each Battle Arena features prizes worth 5 ETH. Specifically, each arena rewards participants with 16 crabs and 185 Cryptants. Players may use these rewards to expand and empower their team of crabs. Alternatively, players may sell these rewards for crypto. You can read more about the new system in CryptantCrab’s official blog post.

Both new and experienced players can earn valuable prizes

If you think CryptantCrabs is your cup of tea, you should definitely consider trying the game out. Keep in mind that the new battle system is mobile-ready, meaning that you can enjoy the game on your mobile phone. Also, don't forget to visit our DGaming store for other ready-to-play DGames and their recent stats and activities.