After months of preparation, testing, and tweaking, the 0x team is finally releasing 0xWarriors on Ethereum. This means that fans of the RPG genre can now play 0xWarriors on EOS, TRON and Ethereum blockchains.

Ethereum Too!

0xWarriors launched on EOS in November 2018. Though relatively unknown at the time, the game attracted a lot of attention with its unique content, beautiful graphics and nearly flawless mechanics. It was the quality that attracts users to 0xWarriors, who spent roughly 4,000 EOS on 0xWarriors items during the 0xWarriors EOS presale.

One month later 0xWarriors entered beta on EOS. This was quickly followed by the team's decision to launch 0xWarriors on TRON, which was also a success. And now, seeing that all blockchains love 0xWarriors, 0xGames are releasing the game on Ethereum.

0xWarriors now available on Ethereum

This isn't the first time 0xGames has launched one of its games on Ethereum. 0xUniverse, a space explorer developed by 0xGames, is one of the most successful gaming projects on Ethereum. With that in mind, it's safe to say that the team will do great job publishing 0xWarriors on Ethereum.

Join While Its On Discount

0xGames are celebrating their release on Ethereum with 50% discount on all in-game items. The event will last until July 4, so you still have enough time to hoard as many items as you can.

Keep in mind that the discount applies to purchases with all currencies, including EOS, TRX, and ETH. Effectively, when you join the game via your browser or phone, you can visit the in-game shop to purchase item chests.

There are 4 types of chests you can purchase: Common, Reinforced, Nephrite, and Golden. The first three chests contain 3 items, while the Golden chest contains 10 Nephrite chests. So, in essence, the Golden chest contains 30 items!

Equip your warriors with items and win battles

Why Should You Join?

0xWarriors is a unique game. It has different game modes, such as raiding, tournaments, and arenas, all of which are both fun and rewarding.

In the game, you control a team of 5 warriors. These warriors are free, but the items you equip them with aren't. Aside from equipping your warriors with the right weapons, you also need to strategically leverage their abilities in order to win your battles. You make sure that your archers and mages are up front, and warriors in the back, right?

When your team is ready (you can have up to 3 teams of 5 warriors), you test them in battles. Raids are 1v1 matchups versus a random opponent that approximately matches your strength. In arenas, you participate in a 3v3 matchups and coordinate the attacks with your allies to achieve victory. And then there are Championships and Tournaments, where you battle the best of the best in order to be the best! The better your ranking is, the better the rewards you get.

0xWarriors game trailer

0xWarriors is a game full of unique modes, features, and content. It's a unique experience, one that you shouldn't miss if you're a fan of the RPG genre. Having said that, the real question should be: "Why you shouldn't join 0xWarriors?" We can't think of such reasons, which is why we're encouraging you to start your 0xWarriors journey in our DGaming Store.