Yesterday, a truly scalable blockchain card game Zombie Battleground released an early access version of the Zombie Battleground marketplace. The marketplace enables users to browse, buy and sell cards individually or in bulk and monetize their in-game efforts.

How Will the Marketplace Work?

Though in the early access phase, the Zombie Battleground marketplace already has all the core features to make the game more dynamic and engaging. For now, all Zombie Battleground players may:

  • Browse the marketplace and explore all 154 Zombie Battleground cards. The ability to explore all the cards on one place is vital for the players since the game is regularly tweaking the cards and changing their stats.
  • Offer their cards for sale at a price they want. For now, the users can sell cards in ETH only. Players can offer a single card for sale or list multiple copies of the same card.
  • Seamlessly view all the cards players have listed for sale. Players may also cancel their listings whenever they want.
  • View how many copies of each card are listed for sale. Players may also see each individual listing to compare prices and find better deals.
You can now buy & sell Zombie Battleground cards and earn ETH

A Word of Notice

It's worth noting that the marketplace has just been released, meaning that the players are likely to experience bugs while interacting on the marketplace. In case your funds get lost, or your transactions take way too long, contact the Zombie Battleground team at their email ( and they'll resolve your issues.

Furthermore, the game itself is still in its early stages and is bound to go through some changes. What this means is that the devs will tweak the cards based on the community's feedback and alternate their stats, which will effectively impact the cards' value.

Things to Come

The Zombie Battleground team also plans to make the following changes to the game in the upcoming months:

  • Add alternative payment methods (crypto and USD)
  • Add bidding and countdown auction types to the game in order to make the in-game economy more dynamic
  • Provide players with the option to publicly ask for a specific card at a specific price
  • Provide players with the option to gift cards to their fellow gamers
  • Add a trading feed that will measure and display bought & sold cards in real time
  • Improve the marketplace's UX and fix statistics bugs
You can browse, compare, track and list cards within the game

If you'd like to learn more about the game, or would want to play it but don't know where to start, head over to the Zombie Battleground official Discord to get all the information you need.