Yesterday, Steem Monsters released an update for their automated Tournaments. The new tournament system will enable players to enter Steem Monsters sponsored tournaments according to their League ranks for free.

On Automated Tournaments

Five days ago, Steem Monsters hosted their very first automated tournament. Prior to this, Steem Monsters players would organize and host these tournaments manually, which naturally wasn't the most secure and convenient way of competing with large groups of people.

Steem Monsters Tournaments have finally arrived!

The team worked for months to deliver automated tournaments, a feature that has been requested by the Steem Monsters community. Three days after the tournament update release, the team released yet another update, the “Tournament Creation” update, which allows players to create their own tournaments with or without prize pools.

Respecting The Community's Feedback

While the community greeted the implementation of the long-awaited automated tournaments, as well as the newly added "Create Tournament" function, many players expressed their concerns regarding the tournaments sponsored by Steem Monsters.

Steem Monster card with its pertaining stats and abilities

Specifically, Steem Monsters implemented entry fees for their tournaments to limit the influx of low-caliber players in high-caliber tournaments. The team argued that without entry fees, many players with low-level cards would entry the high-level card tournaments because such tournaments have bigger prize pools.

The team argued that this would ruin the experience for all the players, which is why they've implemented entry fees. However, many high-caliber players protested against this system because it forced all the players to pay entry fees for tournaments they believe should be free.

How Did Steem Monsters Solve This Problem?

The Steem Monsters team agreed with their community, and have decided to restructure the Steem Monsters sponsored tournament system. Specifically, all the tournaments that are sponsored by Steem Monsters will have no entry fee for the players who are currently in the league defined by the tournament or higher.

Tournament awards reached nearly 1,000 in just a couple of days

So what does that mean? For example, if you're currently in a Gold league, that is, if your League rank is between 1,900 and 2,799, you can join Gold league tournaments for free. Furthermore, if you're in a lower, you may still join the tournament, but you'll have to pay an entry fee.

Be aware of the fact that these rules apply only to Steem Monsters sponsored tournaments. Players are free to create their own tournaments with their own rules, prize pools, entry fees and so on.

Other Changes

Steem Monsters have also made other minor adjustments to their tournaments:

  • The entry fee will be refunded if a player leaves the tournament
  • To enter Gold-only or Alpha-only tournaments, players need to have at least 1 Golden or Alpha summoners, or 5 Golden or Alpha monsters
  • The 2-minute delay between each round has been removed
  • Improved UI