OpenSea, the largest marketplace for crypto assets on the Ethereum blockchain, unveiled their most recent partnership with Ember Sword. The two will work together to create custom versions of the OpenSea marketplace and SDK for Ember Sword and its community.

Creating a New Ember Sword Marketplace

Having a secure and functional in-game marketplace is imperative for DGames. Instead of creating an in-game marketplace from scratch, the Ember Sword team has decided to leverage existing tools and partner with OpenSea.

Ember Sword partners with OpenSea to create a new in-game marketplace

OpenSea will, therefore, use its technology to create a player-to-player marketplace for Ember Sword and deliver the benefits of unrestricted trading to the Ember Sword players. This will not only ensure that Ember Sword players can trade their items in a secure and user-friendly way, but will also allow Ember Sword developers to invest their time in game development.

On the New Marketplace

The new Ember Sword marketplace will enable gamers to seamlessly trade their in-game cosmetic assets and exchange them for crypto or fiat currencies. To ensure a non-P2W gaming experience, Ember Sword has decided to monetize only cosmetic items, and only cosmetic items will be tradable on the marketplace.

Furthermore, cosmetic items will be traded in Ember Sword’s native currency, the PIXEL token. The PIXEL token is both scarce and ERC-20 compliant, meaning that players will be able to trade and exchange the token for Ethereum (ETH) or fiat currencies on various decentralized exchanges. Those who wish to purchase the tokens now can do so by joining Ember Sword’s private presale via their official website.

You’ll also be able to purchase the tokens during the public crowdsale, which is scheduled for Q2 2019. Ember Sword also plans to hold a LAND auction in Q3 2019. All PIXEL token holders will be able to participate in the LAND auction and purchase a piece of land in order to build and monetize custom in-game experiences.

OpenSea Welcomes Ember Sword

OpenSea believes that Ember Sword will be an excellent addition to their list of partners. Ember Sword is building a next-gen F2P MMORPG with a real economy on the Ethereum Blockchain.

With OpenSea, Ember Sword is building a marketplace built on NFTs, while at the same time focusing their energy on creating an immersive and fun game. In this game, players will participate in an open-world, classless gaming universe and earn scarce items by combating other players and bosses, collecting and trading items, selling their services and artwork, and much more.

On Ember Sword Gameplay & Economy

Ember Sword is blockchain MMORPG developed by So Couch Studios. It's a vast gaming universe that boasts land ownership, various in-game items, and cosmetics, as well as limitless and unrestrictive gameplay.

Ember Sword is a next-gen MMORPG developed by So Couch Studios

Ember Sword's goal is to bring artists, developers, and gamers together in order to create a unique and profitable gaming ecosystem. In Ember Sword, landowners (land presale is scheduled for Q3 2019) will truly own, build and upgrade their land. Gamers will be able to choose their own paths of violence or non-violence, and artists will be able to create, implement and monetize their artwork by using Ember Sword built-in tools.