MegaCryptoPolis (MCP) has announced that players will be able to purchase MCP presale game assets with fiat. This will be possible thanks to MCP's partnership with Nifty Gateway, a platform that enables users to purchase crypto assets with fiat.

What Is Nifty Gateway?

Nifty Gateway was founded by the twin brothers, Duncan Cock Foster and Griffin Cock Foster. The brothers are extremely passionate about crypto collectibles (or nifties, as they like to call them), and are interested in bringing crypto collectibles to users worldwide.

MCP and Nifty Gateway partnership allows gamers to purchase MCP assets with fiat

One of the main reasons they've founded and built Nifty Gateway is because most crypto games only allow purchases with crypto, which isn't troublesome for crypto enthusiasts but is for most casual gamers. The ability to purchase crypto with a credit card ensures that everyone, even those who have little to no experience with crypto can still purchase crypto and play the games they'd like to play.

What Does This Mean For MCP Players?

Partnering with Nifty Gateway will undoubtedly help MCP grow their player base. MCP sees Nifty Gateway as the easiest and fastest way to buy NFTs because the only thing users really need is a credit card. More importantly, the price for purchasing items with fiat is the same as it is for purchasing with ETH or other cryptocurrencies.

Purchasing presale packs will grant you access to MCP 3D Microeconomy gameplay

During the MCP presale, which starts on March 18, 2019, users will be able to purchase the following packs:

  • Local pack - this pack is purchasable for 0.035 ETH and contains 3 items; 1 Generation A citizen and 2 random items.
  • Urban pack - this pack costs 0.1 ETH and contains 5 items; 1 Generation A Citizen, 1 Appliances Token, and 3 random items.
  • Mayor pack - the Mayor pack costs 0.35 ETH and contains 7 items; 1 Gen A Citizen, 1 Pet token and 5 random items.
  • Federal pack - the Federal pack costs 1 ETH and contains 10 items; 1 Gen A Citizen, 1 Car token, 1 Pet token, and 7 random items

Understanding Pack Tiers

The Gen A citizens, which users can obtain by purchasing any of these packs, will have different qualifications according to pack tiers. For instance, by purchasing the Local pack, you'll earn a Manager, a Gen A citizen that has all qualifications under 7.

In contrast, if you purchase the Federal pack, you'll receive an Executive, a citizen that has at least one qualifications with 10 points. In short; the price of each pack correlates with the quality of the items within those packs.