MegaCryptoPolis (MCP), a decentralized city builder and management game, has finally completed their 3D roadmap. Visual improvements aside, MPC will also be adding a completely new Microeconomy element to the game in order to improve the existing MCP gameplay.

More Than Just Visuals

The MCH 3D roadmap brings graphical improvements to the game in order to deliver a more immersive gaming experience to MCH players. More importantly, MCH will also implement a new layer of Microeconomy, allowing players to better monetize their in-game actions and profit from their gameplay.

In-Game footage of the MCP 3D world

The new layer will provide district owners with more control over their territories, turning buildings into more than just influence points, and surroundings into upgradable in-game elements with no limiting factors.

New Roles For Citizens

With the new 3D roadmap also come new citizen roles. MCP citizens with various skill sets and abilities will perform numerous duties and operate buildings within the 3D MCP.  Managers, astronauts, executives, and citizens with many other qualifications will earn salaries, charge for their services and even receive a share of the insurance fund.

The MCP insurance funds will be used cover the repair costs in case of natural disasters. Citizens will also work in mining, energy and other production buildings to produce resources such as wood, stone, brick, and metal. These resources will later be used for the construction of new basic and advanced buildings

On The MCP Presale

MCP plans to initiate a limited asset presale in March 2019. During the presale, MCP will distribute a very limited amount of game assets in order to incentivize and test out the new Microeconomy layer.

The presale is also a unique opportunity for all users to acquire Generation A citizens. It's important to pay attention to the citizens' generation type because it determines their stamina, which in turn determines how long can the citizens work in their buildings before they need a rest.

MCP citizens’ stats will determine their native value

MCP will produce only 20,000 Generation A citizens during the event, which is only 1/4 of the total number of citizens needed to run the buildings that currently reside in MCP. Note that the buildings will run with this number of citizens, just not at their full capacity.

Future Steps

After the presale ends, players will be able to trade MCP tokens on external marketplaces and make a profit. The trading will occur unrestrictedly, meaning that the players will have full control over their assets and liberty to trade them as they see fit.

The new 3D Microeconomy model should be launched by the end of this year, though the devs have made an unofficial promise to implement the new model sooner than that.

If you're interested in MCP and would love to learn more about the specifics of it, we encourage you to read the MCP Draft 2 paper.