Ether Kingdoms, a blockchain PvP strategy game, just got a new game mode; the Far Realm mode. In this mode, the players will be able to battle for the riches that dwell on the Flying Island, capture objectives and enjoy the spoils of war.

A New Possibility

Somewhere out there, in the far corners of Ether Kingdoms lies a Far Realm. It's a place abundant with resources, a place many players will want to control; some for glory, some for honor, most for power. Consequently, establishing control over the new realm won't be easy.

The battle for the Far Realm will breathe new life into an already lively game

The first thing you have to do is to send a certain amount of Imps on an expedition through the Portal. Once the Imps cross to the other side, you'll be able to form groups of Imps. We advise that you do so, for the new realm features several objectives for the taking.

Though fully functional, the new Realm Mode is still in its infancy and is far from being perfect. It'll change over time, meaning that the new content, such as new islands, areas, and buildings will be added over time. Currently, Far Realm features one island, the Flying Island.

On The Far Realm Gameplay

The primary objective of this mode is to take control over the forts in the central desert. If you manage to do so, these forts will produce Imps over time. Your secondary objective is to fight for other buildings on the island, for they give additional buffs to your squads of Imps.

If you manage to capture these buildings, it's recommended that you fortify them. Since these buildings give additional boosts, there's no doubt that other players will want them for themselves. To defend the buildings, you can send some of your Imps to the garrison.

How To Dominate?

The more Imps you bring to Far Realm, the better. This will allow you to not only capture forts and buildings but to defend them as well. Remember; establishing control over forts gives you additional Imps over time, while control over buildings gives your squad of Imps special buffs.

Sending Imps to the garrison will ensure that your newly captured buildings are protected

Furthermore, defending your structures has one additional bonus. Specifically, if you manage to protect your buildings, you'll capture 1 enemy Imp and replenish your garrison. Your Imps will still lose stats (such as HP), but at least you'll be able to fend off your foe for some time, giving you a chance to reorganize your army and strategize accordingly.