The Blockchain Cuties 1.58 update is out, bringing us new events, adventures, mobile UI improvements and much more. The update focuses heavily on the Christmas event and introduces Grynchy (a new boss), the Christmas Adventure, as well as rewards for Cutieneers (Blockchain Cuties players) who are trying their best to save the XMAS spirit!

XMAS Update Part 2

The development team decided to follow their tradition of splitting events into 2 parts. This update introduces Grynchy, who, as the lore dictates, is trying to steal XMAS!

In the world of Blockchain Cuties, Grynchy stole Santa's suit, together with Santa's bag of gifts. So why should Cutieneers care? For starters, full Santa set is currently one of the most powerful sets in the game.

To acquire the set, players have to beat Grynchy, who, when defeated, drops Christmas Magical Presents. The list of items that the players can acquire is vast, ranging from Santa Red Suit to Santa's Magical Staff (items increase stats such as attack, defense, luck, evasion, etc).

The Christmas Adventure

This adventure is the sequel to the one introduced in the 1.54 update (Restoring Christmas Spirit). Though Cutieneers managed to save the spirit of Christmas, the battle is not over yet. Evil spirits have now joined forces with Grynchy, and are trying to undo Cutieneers’ efforts.

By completing this new adventure, players can acquire Elf's set. This set is the first of its kind, for it contains 8 items. Cuties can equip only 5 items at a time, meaning that the players with this set have more options regarding the set customization.

For instance, the Elf's set comes with 2 head items, the Cute Deer Horns and the Elf's Hat. A player that acquires this set can fill the cutie's head slot with either of the two, but only one at a time. In short, players can switch between items as they please, depending on their strategy and what they’re trying to accomplish within the game.

TRON Presale, UI Improvements And Minor Fixes

Blockchain Cuties plan on integrating with TRON by the end of this year. The presale is already underway and now has 2 newly added offers. The first is Tron Monk, the cutie with high defense, increased luck and evasion. The second offer is the Starter pack, which contains 6 random cuties. It's worth noting that the Starter pack is currently 25% off.

Last but not least, the 1.58 update brings UI improvements for mobile users. The update also introduces some minor fixes (lottery popup bug and Thug’s Life Tattoo stats issues). These improvements should enhance the gameplay as well as the overall user experience even further.