Neon District has one of the best and most unique Founder's Programs in the DGaming industry. By allowing its users to obtain a special Founders Keys, Neon District completely redefined the way gamers access and interact with Early Access content. Most importantly, the Neon District's Founder’s Program helped build a strong community that offers valuable feedback and helps improve the game.

Who Are The Keyholders?

A Keyholder is every Neon District player that owns the Founder's Key Token. There are 4 types of Founder's Keys, and each gives users access to more or less content.

However, no matter the rarity, each Key gives you the power to:

  • suggest content ideas to the Neon District team for Season One
  • provide the team with feedback on initial playthroughs
  • win rewards by discovering and reporting bugs
  • engage with the leadership team
  • help shape the Neon District's lore
If you like what you see, get a Founder’s Key!

Some Would Call Them Crazy

Many game developers would argue that Blockade Games (the devs behind Neon District) are crazy for opening themselves to the community this early in the development cycle.

However, most game studios don't know that, first and foremost, Neon District’s Keys didn't come cheaply. Someone who's willing to invest a substantial amount of ETH in a Key believes in the project and wants it to succeed.

A Founder’s Key gives you instant access to Neon District

Also, someone like that will do everything they can to help build a stable, profitable, and enjoyable content, both for themselves and for everyone else. Marguerite deCourcelle, the CEO of Blockade Games said, "We trust our Keyholders and know this action makes the game an even better experience for everyone at release. In the end, Blockade Games is ‘Player First’ at our core, and this is just an example of that commitment."

So What Are The Results?

Keyholders are providing the team with valuable ideas every day. One of the best contributions thus far includes designs and background for "Oracle Teams", competing factions in the Neon District universe.

Which one do you prefer?

One Keyholder also developed a survey for the community to choose which cyberpunk weapons would they like to see in their inventories. And because this is blockchain, the effort you invest in the game will forever remain with the game.

Keyholders are also voting on design choices, shaping the lore, and taking names in Neon District. If you'd like to be a part of this amazing project, you can buy a Founder’s Key at OpenSea. If you'd like to play other DGames, visit our DGaming Store.