Hush Rush is a crypto RTS in which players fight, mine, trade and earn cryptocurrency. It's also a story-driven game, full of fantastic creatures that play a role in a gaming universe that transcends them. Read below to find out more about the game’s lore.


There are three factions in Hush Rush: Ernacks, Marauders, and Elves.


Ernacks were once Trinell, one of the kindest races in the Galaxy. But the Crystal Storm changed them, morphed them, turned them into what they’re today; lesser beings. But not all were corrupted by the Crystal.

Ernacks are a lot more than what they seem to be

The uncorrupted ones are now tasked to clean the entire universe from the Crystals. That’s why Ernacks mine Crystals like no other race. They’re also allied with natural creatures that haven't been corrupted by the Crystal Scourge. Their strength grows with numbers, their army consisting of Warriors, Raken Archers, and Troggs.


Marauders are humans who use the power of Crystals to achieve one goal; revenge. They once lived on the planet Rustaria, making trade deals, helping keep the piece, helping those in need... But then the Crystal Storm came, destroying much of the Rustaria.

Marauders have only one thing on their minds; revenge!

Marauders called for help, but their allies remained silent. This act of treachery made Marauders bitter, which is why they're now using Crystals with their knowledge of engineering, making powerful weapons and machinery so that they could one day have their revenge.


Elves were once higher beings who sought peace and prosperity for all. They lived in the Eldarian sector of the Hermeian Galaxy, expanding their wisdom through arts and literature.

They were always secretive, living in isolation, studying magic, living almost indefinitely. But the magic can corrupt even the purest beings; one of such beings was Madame Violet. This mighty sorcerer experimented with alchemy, seeking to make her race immortal. But the Court of Elders, scared that one day all Highborn Elves could be immortal, forbade the use of such alchemy and exiled Madame Violet and her followers.

Even the Elves are corruptible by magic

And then the Storm came, raining down Crystals on the entire Eldarian sector. Madame quickly realized that Crystals can be used to enhance Her powers, and so she did just that. But all actions have reactions, and soon the beautiful and peaceful land began to mutate. The trees started producing toxic sap which plagued the entire ecosystem, draining the life from every living creature, including Elves.

When you join Hash Rush, choose your race wisely. Right now you can only play with Ernacks, but the devs are working hard to add other two races to the game ASAP. If you'd like to play other story-driven crypto games, visit our DGaming Store!