Monetization is prevalent for decentralized games. Dragonereum developers knew this in the process of creating their game, which is why they focused so hard on building one of the fairest and most balanced in-game economies in the DGaming universe.

On Dragonereum And Its In-Game Economy

Dragonereum is a successful Ethereum blockchain game. The game features advanced breeding system, on-chain mechanics and in-game economy. While the first two factors significantly affect the game's success, it is the in-game economy that runs the show.

Initially, Dragonereum developers wanted their game to be a cryptocollectable game. They set out to create an economy that would charge players for acquiring in-game assets, mainly dragon eggs and dragons.

What they've learned from other successful blockchain games is that it’s much healthier to give away the assets free of charge! Such an approach attracts all interested players, builds a stronger community, and overall, creates a stronger economy on a long-term basis.

How To Create A Healthy In-Game Economy?

During Dragonereum’s development, developers noticed two critical elements of all blockchain-based in-game economies

  1. the blockchain transactions fees
  2. determining the asset value

The first element (blockchain transactions fees) is unavoidable and unchangeable (for now). Some blockchain platforms charge less than others, but they charge nonetheless.

However, the game developers have complete control over the second element (asset price and value). Developers may not only determine the value of specific items but can also choose to give them away. This type of libertarian approach gives players the power to determine the asset's value together with the developers, which is very refreshing!

Nothing Is Really Free

While the players receive assets for free, these assets have an initial value. Why?

When developers give away assets, they get nothing in return. They also let the market determine the value of in-game assets based on an old supply & demand philosophy.

But what gives these assets value (in this case, the Dragonereum eggs) is the mental cost that comes with mining. Players pay the miners, not developers. Developers, on the other hand, receive funds through donations, bumps and other financing means.

Dragonereum Is Taking Things Even Further

Aside from giving away free Genesis eggs, Dragonereum developers announced that they'd eliminate market fees. Players won't have to pay anything to upgrade their dragons or level them up.

While Dragonereum developers admit that such a model isn't entirely Free To Play (F2P), it is very close to it and should be seen as a step in the right direction. They have high hopes for blockchain technology, and firmly believe that it will transform the gaming industry. That’s why they’ll continue to explore the blockchain’s benefits and work to make their game more decentralized and balanced.