Yesterday, Decentraland stated that they'd work with a mobile giant HTC to deliver the Decentraland Marketplace to EXODUS 1 users. EXODUS 1 is the first blockchain-enabled smartphone developed by HTC, an industry leader mobile devices.

On Decentraland's Partnership With EXODUS

Decentraland and EXODUS teams are joining forces to deliver Decentraland ecosystem to EXODUS 1 users. This means that the users will be able to seamlessly store, manage and interact with Decentraland assets via their blockchain-enabled mobile device.

All the items will be stored on the Zion Wallet, a private blockchain vault that enables users to view and manage their crypto assets. The wallet supports BTC, ETH, LTC, ERC-20, and ERC-721 crypto assets.

Why Join Forces?

Both Decentraland and HTC are passionate about changing the way people manage their digital self, that is, their online identity, privacy, tokens, currencies, and other valuable digital assets.

To tackle today's privacy issues, HTC developed a blockchain mobile device, which enables users to store their assets and keys directly on the hardware. By allowing users to possess everything on their secured devices, HTC is increasing the user's security by eliminating 3rd-party services and forming a direct relationship with their customers.

The partnership between these two technology leaders makes sense because one provides a way to store and manage digital assets in a secure way, and the other develops and creates those assets. Thanks to this partnership, Decentraland's LAND, which is an ERC-721 token, and Decentraland's MANA, which is their native currency, will be storable in the Zion Vault.


HTC EXODUS is a project that seeks to bring the decentralized web to users worldwide. Through this project, HTC is looking to explore the benefits of blockchain technology and break the entry barrier for users who find blockchain technology overcomplicated.

Zion, the all-in-one private vault

HTC is a blockchain believer and is investing significant resources in the development as well as the implementation of blockchain technology to deliver a new way of storing and managing sensitive and valuable data.

Perfect Timing

Decentraland is currently developing their drag-and-drop scene builder, called The Builder, which will enable users to create unique content and implement it into Decentraland.

The blockchain giant is also approaching the beta release of their virtual world, which will enable users to visit Decentraland, interact with users, visit land plots and marvel at the content that dwells in Decentraland.

Those who want to develop content for Decentraland can join the Creator Contest to display their creative abilities and potentially win lucrative rewards, including MANA, LAND and Exodus phone.