Even though the Chainbreakers crowdsale is still going, the development team is furthering their game behind the scenes. Three weeks ago, they announced MANA dividends and explained how the players would be able to obtain them via crowdsale or by playing the Player Versus Environment (PvE) mode. Yesterday, the team was more than happy to announce their latest achievement; the Player Versus Player (PvP) mode.

PVP In Decentraland

The team is working on their Decentraland-based PVP mode. This mode will occur outside the game's questing area. Specifically, players will combat each other on small Decentraland parcels.

Players would meet somewhere in Decentraland and fight on parcels that are designed explicitly for the PvP mode. The mode will feature elements of a turn-based system, and allow players to equip in-game assets (characters, items, buffs).

What Is The Nature Of The PVP Mode?

Fighting will occur on tables that feature hexagonal battlegrounds. To fight, players will need items, which they'll obtain by:

  • Purchasing items via Chainbreakers crowdsale.
  • Earning items by playing in PvE mode.

Because this is a turn-based mode, players will have time to move their units across the battlefield. The rules of the mode are pretty straightforward: outplay your opponents and crush their army. Players will have multiple roles at their disposal, with some characters being more effective versus the others (and vice versa).

How Will The PVP Mode Change Chainbreakers?

The PvP mode will only improve an already promising game. From the lore viewpoint, the PvP mode will be independent of the quest mode. It’s also good to know that the fighting will still happen in the Virtual Reality (VR) mode.

Furthermore, the mode should inherit the game's level restrictions. This will ensure that fights are balanced because the players will fight opponents of their level. The development team also announced that they'd be adding PvP battle fees. Moreover, they're considering the idea of allowing players to stake MANA and profit from their victories.

Smart Contract PVP

All mechanics of the PVP mode should occur on the Matic Network. The network runs on the Plasma-run sidechain, which eliminates the most common blockchain obstacle (number of processes to speed ratio). For the PVP mode to be stable, the developers need to ensure that transaction speeds are faster than 1 transaction per second. Why?

Because unlike the PVE mode, the PVP mode involves 2 players, which means twice as many operations and transactions. The Chainbreakers team said, “we are working hard with the Matic team to secure smooth gameplay and provide users with the experience they truly deserve.”