The idea of in-game assets transcending a specific game is nearing its execution. The now official partnership between Blockchain Cuties and CryptoBots is a clear signal that both developers support the idea mentioned above.

What Are The Benefits Of This Partnership?

Blockchain Cuties and CryptoBots are very similar. They feature identical mechanics, including trading, collecting, tournament participation, and so forth.

To celebrate this partnership, each member of the CryptoBot community will receive a CryptoBot Cutie (LIMITED EDITION). Unfortunately, not all will be able to obtain the mentioned reward.

How Can Users Acquire Their CryptoBot Cutie?

Only those that have registered in CryptoBots before October 2nd can receive the reward. Furthermore, members must also own at least one asset (any CryptoBot asset will suffice) in order to receive it. Those that qualify should visit the official Blockchain Cuties website.

There, they must register with the same wallet address they used for CryptoBots! Users must also provide their email address while filling out the registration application. Again, users must use the same email address they did for their CryptoBots accounts.

What Are The Distribution Rules?

Those that qualify and successfully register will receive 1 of the 3 potential Cuties. Naturally, not all cuties are of the same value. These special edition cuties are classified in 3 categories:

1. Master Fox Cutie goes to those that own Gen 0-1 bot.

2. Gen 3 CryptoBot Dog Cutie will go into the hands of the Gen 2-5 bot owners.

3. Gen 5 CryptoBot Cat Cutie go to those that own Gen 6+ bots.

All participants in this event will also achieve a historic achievement by the name of Legacy of CryptoBots. The achievement will reward players with unique Paw Coins. Their amount is tied to the level of the CryptoBot cutie they've received.

What Are The Reasons Behind This Partnership?

What distinguishes the DGaming industry from traditional gaming industry is the ownership status. In the DGaming world, players own their digital assets in the real sense of that word.

Because players own their assets, they also own the market. But, what happens if the game disappears? What about the assets and their value? Well, one of the ways to overcome this obstacle is by merging several games.

Developers are working hard on the mechanism that will enable players to move assets (characters, items, collectibles) between multiple games. This partnership between Blockchain Cuties and CryptoBots tells us that both games support this revolutionary DGaming idea.