BetDice firmly believes that for EOS to succeed, cooperation and collaboration is imperative. That's why BetDice is joining forces with EOSPoker; to elevate themselves and EOS onto the next level.

BetDice Partners With EOSPoker

Yesterday, BetDice announced their official partnership with EOSPoker. The cooperation is bringing POKER Tokens, used on the EOSPoker platform to the BetDice platform. To return the favour, EOSPoker will add BetDice tokens (DICEs) to their platform.

This quid pro quo agreement will benefit all parties involved: BetDice, EOSPoker and consequently, EOS itself. The exchange of tokens will be beneficial for users of both platforms because they'll now have more options regarding the use of their valuable tokens.

Emphasising Long-Term Cooperation

BetDice Team is inviting all interested parties to join the movement. The main reason why these two betting giants are joining forces is that they share the same vision. The BetDice team said, "Like us, EOSPoker Team is interested in the lifelong growth of the EOS community."

The team calls all involved parties to shy away from actions that have short-term benefits but could hurt the EOS community in the long run. Specifically, they urge all parties to, "reject lucrative short-term schemes and instead focus on the future."

EOSPoker Is Happy With Their New Partnership

Like BetDice, EOSPoker is built on the blockchain. The EOSPoker team said, "We share 80% of our native platform with our POKER token holders. That way, we encourage our community to actively participate in the development of our platform and our future games."

With BetDice, EOSPoker gains more stability and access to a fresh player base (and vice versa). But more importantly, both parties will build long-term sustainability of their platforms and EOS. Moreover, EOSPoker intends to revolutionise the gambling industry, and with BetDice, that task will be much easier to achieve.

On BetDice And EOSPoker

BetDice is a blockchain-based gambling platform with fair number generators and little to no house edge. The platform features games such as Dice, Baccarat and Lucky Draw. BetDice also performs regular daily giveaways and rewards newcomers with free DICEs.EOSPoker claims to be the first-ever blockchain-based fair platform with Poker games. All their processes run via blockchain, with each bet having its unique smart contract. They use fair and open source algorithms, which means that everyone can review them online.Both platforms emphasise fairness, which is somewhat absent in the traditional gambling industry. EOSPoker and BetDice hope that their partnership will inspire others to join the movement and promote fairer, transparent and user-friendly gambling ecosystem.