The 0xUniverse Corporations update is finally out! The long-awaited update is taking the game to the next level, allowing players to work together in order to achieve higher goals.

What Is The Corporations Update?

Previous to this update, the 0xUniverse space explorers were more on less on their own. To fix this problem, the United Earth Government developed Corporations, whose purpose is to bring these explorers together and enable them to create a more advanced economy and space society.

0xUniverse is now connecting lone explorers

There are 3 Corporations in 0xUniverse; Forge, Eternity, and Dominion. It's important to know that 100% of the Corporations shares belong to the players. This allows the shareholders to determine the fate of their corporation. Players can also sell their shares on the market and make a profit. However, they can keep their shares in order to earn even bigger profits in the long run.

What Are The 0xUniverse Shares?

Each 0xUniverse Corporation has 10,000 shares, and each share takes 0.01% of the total pool. Shareholders can do whatever they want with their shares.

If they want to sell, they can do so in an open marketplace at a price they see fit. To sell a share, you must select the amount in percentages and determine the price of 1 share. The seller gets 95% of each successfully sold share, while the United Earth Government gets 5%.

Shareholders determine the future of the Corporation

On Shares And Management

Shareholders have the ability to shape their Corporation. Furthermore, having 5% or more shares gives you the right to nominate a new candidate for the head of your Corporation. This doesn't mean that you need to own 5% of the total shares in order to vote; you can vote on all subjects even if you have only 1 share!

Voting is the tool used to appoint the leader of the Corporation. To become a leader, you need to get 50.01% of the votes from other shareholders. Shareholders also vote on various topics and help their leaders make the best decisions.

You too can become the leader of the Corporation!

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Being a leader of the 0xUniverse Corporation isn't easy. As a leader, you have to manage the corporation's planets, shape its brand and visual identity, and manage the payments of dividends and distribute them to other shareholders.

Together with other members of the Corporation, you also have to work on improving your Corporation's role in the 0xUniverse through trading, wars, production, and logistics. To read more about this subject, read this 0xUniverse blog post.

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