Today we're going to talk about Chainbreakers' early support program and why it is wise to join the presale prior to April 30th. Read below to find more in-depth info about the Chainbreakers non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Celestial Rings, limited items, baby pets and much more.

On Celestial Rings

Any player that buys at least one uncommon item during the Chainbreakers presale receives honor points via the Chainbreakers honor system. The logic here is quite simple: the more items you buy, the more points you earn. So why is it wise to earn as many points as possible?

Celestial Rings and their total supply

After May 15th, Chainbreakers will be giving away 500 Celestial Rings, each of which is granting its owner early access to future Chainbreakers franchise content, updates, features, and so forth. It needs to be understood that Celestial Rings' benefits apply beyond the Chainbreakers game on Decentraland, that is, the benefits apply to all future Chainbreakers-related games.

For now, each Celestial Ring owner will get access to an exclusive quest line once the game launches on Decentraland. When you complete this quest line, you'll also earn one of the first Chainbreakers achievements. But beware; 100 of 500 Celestial Rings have already been claimed by other community members!

On Item Benefits

Chainbreakers presale items, including weapons and armor, will have better stats than post-sale items. Effectively, players that equip their heroes with presale items will be able to reach the Chainbreakers endgame much more easily.

You can preview all items via Decentraland’s tech demo

Furthermore, Chainbreakers’ players will be able to earn MANA as they progress through the game, and having heroes equipped with better items will also net them higher MANA rewards. You'll also be able to lend your items to other players for a short amount of time in order to enable new players to level up their characters faster, which is pretty cool!

Lastly, keep in mind that you'll be able to use these items across all Chainbreakers franchise games. The Chainbreakers team already announced Chainbreakers 2; you can read more about it in one of our previous articles.

On Baby Pets

If you're an early Chainbreakers supporter, you may also claim hand-crafted, limited-edition baby pets, which will keep you company as you travel through the Chainbreakers universe. These baby pets vary in appearance, rarity, and value. Understandably, rarer pets look cooler and are more valuable than common pets.

Non-Fungible Chainbreakers pets and their total supply

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