Turn-based PVP fighter game CryptoFights has announced its launch on Bitcoin SV. The CryptoFights team will utilize Bitcoin SV's fast transactions to improve the game's UX and grow a larger player base.

Why Launch On Bitcoin SV?

PVP fighter games require many actions, which can pose problems for those blockchains who have slower transaction speeds. In blockchain games, each action is a transaction, and each transaction needs to be validated via smart contracts before they are executed.

In comparison to Ethereum, Bitcoin SV boasts faster transactions and lower gas fees, which would significantly improve CryptoFights' battle performance and UX. The decision to migrate CryptoFights to Bitcoin SV is also fueled by the fact that the CryptoFights team plans on adding 2v2 and 3v3 battles to the game.

Naturally, 2v2 and 3v3 battles would require even more transactions, and the team believes that migrating their on-chain battles to Bitcoin SV would provide their users with better UX.

Running On Two Blockchains

It should be pointed out that CryptoFights won't abandon Ethereum. Instead, the game will utilize the best of both blockchains in order to deliver the best experience to their players.

Specifically, CryptoFights will use Bitcoin SV for their on-chain battles and Ethereum for player inventories. CryptoFights will use Enjin's ERC-1155 token standard to ensure asset ownership, item scarcity, and interoperability.

On CryptoFights

CryptoFights is PVP turn-based game where players fight against each other for glory and crypto. Upon winning their battles, gamers use EXP to level up their characters, and gold to purchase better items.

Unlike traditional fighter games, CryptoFights battles are a mixture of abilities and items. You can make your heroes stronger by equipping them with weapons and armor, and by leveling up their abilities.

The game also features provably fair RNGs, which calculate and verify specific actions. Players roll to see who attacks first, whether the attack will hit or miss, how much damage a hero will inflict, and so on.

The Current State of CryptoFights

CryptoFights is currently in its beta phase and features only 1v1 battles. The full release is scheduled for Q3 2019 and will be a part of the Enjin Multiverse.

Loot chests contain valuable battle items

Right now, users can participate in the item presale in order to obtain exclusive items and help developers fund the game. These items will not be available to the public once the game is fully released, which gives early adopters a significant advantage over those who join the game later.

If you wish to join the CryptoFights presale, you can purchase loot chests filled with battle items on the CryptoFights official presale page.