Just recently, the CEO of Blockade Games, Marguerite deCourcelle, shared valuable thoughts about their goal of creating a strong community around their upcoming game title, Neon District. Read below to see what Marguerite had to say!

Journey to Blockade Games

It all started in 2014 when Marguerite deCourcelle came up with the idea of creating a crypto puzzle. Recognizing the value of tokenizing assets and backing them with real value, she started embedding private keys in both physical and digital art collectibles and experiences.

Building upon this process, Marguerite then created the first tokenized game in cooperation with Let's Talk Bitcoin, which enabled players to unlock levels based on the token holdings they acquired through playing the game.

Neon District is Blockade Game’s upcoming cyberpunk RPG game

Marguerite continued to explore the idea of token gamification, and in 2018 officially launched Blockade Games. She said, "Blockade encapsulates my vision of onboarding people all over the world, without restriction, to earn their first crypto assets through exciting gameplay."

What Is Blockade Games?

Blockade Games aims to become a distinguishable next-generation gaming studio. The studio believes that blockchain technology is changing the way we perceive art, video games, and collectibles just as crypto changed the way we think about money.

A beautiful scenery from Neon District

By merging the two, Blockade Games aims to provide its players with not only quality gameplay, but also a way to monetize the time and effort they spent playing Neon District and other upcoming games.

About Keys & Founders Sale

Prior to releasing this game, Blockade Games aims to build a strong and dedicated community. To incentive engagement, Blockade Games is planning to launch Founder's Sale in order to offer users the ability to become early adopters.

By participating in the Founder's Sale, players become Founders and directly support the idea of building a free-to-play game with unique and magical experiences. Founders will also receive a Founder's Key, an asset that will give you access to all future Blockade Games titles.

Founders Key gives you access to unique blockchain content

Founders will be able to collect gems to fill empty Gem slots located on their Key. Aside from giving your Key cool looks, Gems will also unlock special in-game features! The first 10,000 users that apply for this key will receive a Key equipped with a gem as soon as the sale starts.

Each Key costs $5, regardless of its rarity. To increase your chances of obtaining rare keys, apply for the Key waiting list ASAP. By owning rarer Keys, you'll secure yourself better loot-drop rate when opening loot boxes.