Decentraland has revealed the winners of their Creator Contest and officially concluded one of the biggest projects in their short history. The Creator Contest did not only reveal the talent of the Decentraland community but has also shown us that everyone can design and deploy creative and beautiful scenery with Decentraland's Builder.

1st Place (200,000 MANA & 3 LAND parcels)

Aside from depicting a beautifully designed landscape, the winning scene also demonstrated that Decentraland's scenes don't have to abide by the laws of physics. The scene truly takes the observer to another reality, where sand and grass can coexist in peace, where it can grow on a floating piece of land, where campers can dwell next to a burning bonfire! Paradoxical in many ways, yet astonishing and breathtaking.

Paradoxically beautiful

2nd Place (150,000 MANA & 2 LAND parcels)

Nothing can stand in a way of this stone golem; his mace is as mighty as his destructive will! Pieces of rock are flying in all directions, animating the scene, giving us a sense of magnitude and pure strength.

Made to destroy

3rd Place (100,000 & 1 LAND parcel)

Inspired by Chinese culture, this colorful scene is a mixture of fear, respect, and tranquility. A mighty dragon stands tall at the center of the scene, wrapping its long body around the temple. Despite being known for their destructive nature, it seems as if the dragon is defending the temple, protecting the very culture that brought him into existence.

Protector or destructor?

You Are the Community

People from all around the world participated in Decentraland's Contest. As Decentraland said, "The Builder works across nations, cultures, and languages - bringing us all together through the shared experience of designing virtual places that we all get to experience together."

It is Decentraland's Builder that is making this possible, allowing everyone to design and deploy scenes regardless of their coding or designing experience. The Builder was designed to be simple and easy-to-use, featuring simple models that, once mixed with human built-in creativity and ingenuity, brings to life things that cannot be seen in the "real" world.

And if you think that you could never design scenes like these, think again! Visit Decentraland and try the Builder; it’s free, and you don’t need to own any LAND to use it.

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