Kevin Chou, the co-founder and CEO of Kabam has unveiled his plan to launch a new blockchain gaming project, Forte. After turning Kabam into a $400 million gaming company, Kevin now shifts his focus to blockchain games in hope to bring truly free-to-play (F2P) blockchain games to a broader audience.

What Is Kabam?

Six years ago, Kevin Chou started a F2P mobile gaming company to deliver quality and free games to users worldwide. Together with his team of veteran game developers and top executives, Kevin managed to turn Kabam into a $400 million company with over 900 employees.

Kabam’s Marvel Contest of Championship

The company is partnered with many famous names from the entertainment industry, including Warner Bros, Disney, and Universal. In addition to maintaining, updating and running their legacy games, Kabam publishes an average of 4 games per year.

Philosophy Behind Forte

In essence, Forte is a blockchain version of Kabam. Kevin has already built a team of Kabam, Unity, GarageGames and Linden Lab developers, who will work together to create a platform that will enable game developers to merge their existing and future games with blockchain technology.

Kevin argues that, while cloud-based F2P games gained popularity and attracted a lot of attention over the past few years, only a fraction of those games earned a profit. This caused many game developers to adopt the pay-to-win business policy, where players can buy in-game items to get an edge over their opponents.

Though such games are nominally free, they're effectively pay-to-win, favoring those players who pay for premium in-game items. Kevin believes that blockchain technology could solve these problems and return truly F2P games to their former glory.

On Forte and Their Mission

Forte's mission is to help game developers integrate their games with blockchain technology. The Forte team already counts roughly 70 employees, who together created Kabam and turned it into a multimillion dollar company.

Kevin will work closely with Kent Wakeford, a former Kabam chief operating officer, ex-Kabam executive Weiwei Geng, and Brett Seyler, a former unity executive. All team members firmly believe that blockchain technology is new and inspiring, with a potential to replace unfair, microtransaction-flooded games with community-owned, player-driven game economies that benefit everyone.

Forte logo

Forte will also invest some of their energy into demystifying blockchain technology and helping game developers understand it's pros and cons. They firmly believe that letting players own, exchange, buy and sell in-game items benefits both the devs and players because it gives players an incentive and ability to shape the game. It also frees the devs from the responsibility of controlling the marketplace.