MegaCryptoPolis (MCP) made a lot of progress over the year. The value of Macroeconomy assets increased by 7 times, which is a clear sign that the in-game economy is healthy and booming. To celebrate this major achievement, the MCP team announced limited-edition bundle offers for all MCP Microeconomy packs.

What's On Sale?

For a limited time, you can purchase Microeconomy bundles for these prices:

  • Starter bundle 0.24 ETH (original price is 0.27, the discount is 10%). In this bundle, you get 2 Local packs and 2 Urban packs.
  • Huge bundle - 1.18 ETH (original price is 1.485, the discount is 20%). In this bundle, you get one pack of each kind.
  • Premium bundle - 1.43 ETH (original price is 2.05 ETH, the discount is 30%). In this bundle, you get 3 Urban packs and 1 Major pack.
  • Mega bundle - 3.5 ETH (original price is 5 ETH, the discount is 30%). In this bundle, you get 5 Federal packs and an Exclusive Lion pet
All bundles are on sale!

What's With The Lion?

The Lion pet is the newest addition to the MCP pet collection. The only way you can obtain it is by purchasing the Mega bundle. Once this time-limited sale ends, you'll only be able to purchase it via the in-game market. The sale started on June 12, and will last until July 25!

Each Lion pet gives you +5 Bonus attributes to 1 Citizen's qualification. Lions of different colors boost different abilities. For example, the Red Lion with boosts Citizen's Endurance, while the White Lion boosts Agility. Check the image below to see which Lion boosts what abilities.

Each Lion pet will boost one ability by 5

Buy MCP Assets With Binance Coins

The MCP team also announced that users may now purchase MCP assets with Binance Coins (BNB). To do so, simply navigate to the MCP website, and select "Purchase with BNB." Keep in mind that the ability to purchase assets with BNB applies not only to the on-sale, time-limited bundles but to all MCP Microeconomy packs.

The acceptance of BNB coins is a great thing for MCP and its community. BNB is a well-accepted currency, one that powers the entire Binance ecosystem. With it, players can purchase assets, pay transaction fees, make transactions, and more.

Buy the Mega bundle and claim a Lion!

If you didn't board the MCP hype train yet, now is the time to do it! Go to our DGaming Store, click Play game, and start building your own society!