The Chainbreakers closed beta for Decentraland will start on July 19. When it goes live, you'll get access to two areas, Forest of Solace and the Town of Edgewelter. But what's the purpose of these areas? More importantly, what will you experience when you visit them?

The Forest of Solace

Forest of Solace is an inspiring place, one that brings hope to all of its visitors. Here come those who broke their chains, the Chainbreakers. Those are the ones who stood up against tyranny, the rebels, the brave souls of the Ancient world.

Rest for a while in the Forest of Solace

Those who come here also find their peace. Some already built their homes and together established settlements. When you arrive here, rest for a while, for the journey to here was... Well, let's just say it was difficult.

The Town of Edgewelter

Though free now, you can't just rest in the Forest of Solace knowing that many others are still enslaved. You have to move to the Town of Edgewelter and join others in their noble cause.

Edgewelter borders with Burning Sands, a town of which we will not speak today. But know this; there is no Forest of Solace without the Town of Edgewelter. This town is a trading post, a place where merchants gather and exchange goods, much of which feed those in the Forest.

Exchange goods and acquire items in the Town of Edgewelter

In this town, you will find shopkeepers and craftspeople whose work fuels and feeds the Chainbreakers. You too can find all the goods you need right here. And there's always work to be done. Gather your supplies, forge your weapons, trade goods and acquire the items you need. Then rest for a while, before you move forward and step into the unknown.

2nd Market Fees Will Go To Reward Pools

If you don't know it by now, Chainbreakers has its own store on the OpenSea platform. For all transactions you perform on this market, you'll pay the 2.5% fee.

And here's the good part: Chainbreakers already linked their Ethereum address to the store. Effectively, all the funds generated by the 2.5% fees are funneled to this address. Later, when Chainbreakers deploys its smart contracts on the Matic network, they'll distribute these funds through various reward pools.

You can purchase and sell Chainbreakers’ items on OpenSea

What this means is that Chainbreakers won't keep those fees, but will, in fact, redistribute them to its players through various channels. Cool, right? Don't forget that the Chainbreakers beta launches on July 19. To join, you need to have a Celestial Ring in your inventory prior to July 18.