The Chibi Fighters team has announced that their game would launch on the TRON Network on May 4th. Additionally, the team Tweeted yesterday about their partnership with Kiwidex, thanks to which Chibi Fighters players may unrestrictedly trade their FCF, CBE, and CDTs!

Launching On TRON

Originally, Chibi Fighters were supposed to launch on the TRON Network in Q1 2019. However, the team decided to postpone the TRX version of their game in order to ensure optimal gaming experience for their players.

Soon on the TRON Network

Launching the game on TRON is a huge milestone for Chibi Fighters, and it makes sense to postpone the release for a couple of weeks to deliver a product that users will engage with on a long-term basis.

About The CDT Token And Partnership With Kiwidex

While preparing the TRX version of the game, the Chibi Fighters team also created an entirely new utility token known as the Chibi Dividend Token (CDT). Though Chibi Fighters are yet to reveal more details about this token, it's reasonable to assume that the token will net its holders' dividends, similar to the way many other gaming and gambling DGames do.

Kiwidex is available on all popular operating systems

Moreover, users will be able to trade CDTs on Kiwidex, along with FCFs and CBEs. Chibi Fighters' partnership with Kiwidex not only improves the liquidity of the game's crypto assets but also allows players to directly exchange tokens for tokens and currencies.

Since Kiwidex runs on the TRON blockchain, users can directly and seamlessly swap tokens on multiple operating systems, including Android, iOS, and Windows.

Creating A Diversified Gaming Experience

One of the best things about Chibi Fighters is that the game provides its users with a vast array of core and custom games.

For example, the Hunt game mode is described as the core mode within Chibi Fighters. This is the mode where players actually collect loot and earn EXP by killing orcs and bosses. But the Hunt isn't the only mode users can enjoy while playing Chibi Fighters.

The Slasher mode is the latest addition to Chibi Fighters blockchain RPG

The Butcher game mode, for instance, allows players to team up with other players and farm lucrative items. Then there's the Slasher mode, which puts Chibis' energy to use in a unique way. Chibi Fighters also feature an idle game mode, which enables players to send their Chibis to adventures in order to acquire loot and gear.

Play Chibi Fighters

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