Just recently, HyperDragons Go released an update that brought new gameplay and content to the HyperDragons Go players. To learn more about the increased power-up ONG prize pools, new skins, and battle modes, read down below!

More Prizes And Gameplay

The HyperDragons team announced that it would inject extra 2000 ONGs to the official HyperDragons Go Dragon Arena prize pool. To win the prize pool, players must participate in HyperDragons Dragon Arena and outplay their opponents. The prizes are awarded to the winners after weekend's final games are played out.

Bigger prize pool awaits all HyperDragons Go players

Furthermore, HyperDragons Go is inviting all players to pre-register next week’s contest in order to reserve their spot on time. Each match will have a unique theme and will put your skills to the test, for you will battle against the best HyperDragon players in the world.

About New Skins And Lucky Draws

In addition to the aforementioned changes, the HyperDragons team has also introduced four new skins to the game. The new skins make your dragons look both cute and powerful, changing the appeal of their skins. Those who want to acquire these cool looking wings can do so by visiting the HyperDragons official market.

Dragons just got new cool-looking wings!

Furthermore, the team has added a new dragon to the Dragon Lucky Draw. Effectively, players are now able to win this mysterious, powerful and rare-looking dragon by entering the Dragon Lucky Draw.

About HyperDragons

HyperDragons is a crypto collectible game that runs on Ethereum and Ontology blockchains. The original version of the game was built on the Ethereum blockchain and was named HyperDragons. At the end of 2018, the team decided to run the game on the Ontology blockchain and named it HyperDragons Go.

In the game, players can collect dragons, train them and then battle versus other players. Furthermore, players are also able to explore the HyperDragons world in order to gather valuable resources and keep their dragons alive. You also have to upgrade your dragons in order to progress through the game, which you can do by fighting battles with other players.

Also, HyperDragons features various game modes and frequent events that allow players to earn crypto and tokens. The biggest and the most prestigious of these modes is the Dragon Arena, which often has a significant prize pool and attracts the best HyperDragons players to one place.