Gods Unchained (GU) has released update 0.11. Aside from bringing various bugfixes and optimizations to the current beta version of GU, the update also adds rich new content to all current GU beta testers.

About the New Mechanics

One of the most important features of this update is the new Bag of Tricks card. Now, the first player, that is, the player that has the first move, chooses 3 cards from their Mulligan and receives a Small Bag of Tricks. The second player, on the other hand, chooses 4 cards from their Mulligan and receives a Large Bag of Tricks.

Read the patch notes very carefully!

The problem with many trading card games (TCGs) is that the player that is first on the move generally has better chances of winning the match. The Bag of Tricks is, therefore, implemented to balance the game and give both players an equal chance of winning the game.

New Keywords

The 0.11 update brought with it 3 new keywords: Leech, Ward and The Chosen One.

A creature with Leech ability heals its God for health equal to the damage it dealt. For instance, if a creature deals 2 dmg, it will also heal its God for 2 health. If, however, a creature with leech ability deals damage to an enemy creature that has less hp, it will only heal its God for the defending creature's lost HP. So, if a creature deals 2 dmg to an enemy creature that has only 1 hp, the creature with Leech ability will heal its God by only 1 hp.

Great power brings great responsibility

A card with Ward ability negates the first spell attack or God power effect. However, if the source of damage is coming from a creature or relic, the Ward effect won't work. The card with Ward ability will still take damage, and the Ward ability won’t be activated.

Lastly, the Chosen One effect a creature's attack and health by 2. If the Chosen One effect is activated while there aren't any chosen ones in player's zones, a creature from the player's deck is selected to be the Chosen One.

On Other Features

The 0.11 update also brings new card action animations, as well as new visual effects for the Burn effect. The GU team also resolved many sound and card related issues in order to improve in-game experience. Oh, and btw, this new update also introduced 139 new cards! No biggie, right?! You can see the list of newly added cards here.

If you are a fan of CTGs, you have to try Gods Unchained. The devs are constantly rolling out new updates and truly listen to their community when it comes to bug fixing, balancing the game and introducing new cards and features. If you don't know where to start, just visit our DGaming store, build your ultimate deck and start your Gods Unchained journey.