After allowing users to bid on LAND parcels and districts, Decentraland is now adding two extra features to this function. Effectively, users can now view all marketplace bids for parcels and estates, and LAND owners have the option to archive the bids they don’t want to accept immediately.

For Transparency

As of yesterday, Decentraland members can view all the bids made on LAND parcels and estates. This, Decentraland believes, will take much of the guesswork out of the bidding process and allow users to price their offers more effectively.

All bids are now publicly available

The publicly viewable bids will be particularly of use to new users who may not be that familiar with Decentraland's LAND value. To view the bids, you may simply pull out the details for the LAND that interest you and scroll down to see what others have made on each LAND parcel and estate.

Archiving Bids

Decentraland enables users to place bids on LAND parcels and districts whether or not they're for sale. Understandably, this means that both good and bad offers are flying left and right, which can cause inconvenience for LAND owners.

To accept or archive, that is the question

Like in “real-world” real estate, LAND owners can put the received offers on hold and simply wait for better deals. It’s because of this reason that the Decentraland team made archiving possible, for it allows LAND owners to better organize the offers they recieve.

Archiving is easy; once you've logged into your account, simply visit the details page for your LAND and the "Archive" option will appear right next to the "Accept" option.

Update The On Creators Contest

The Decentraland team has been very impressed with the way their community leveraged The Builder, saying, "Members of the community have been using the bundled items and textures in ways that we never imagined when designing the Builder."

Despite having a limited pool of deployable assets at their disposal (since The Builder is still in its infancy), Decentraland community members used their imagination in incredible ways, developing scenes that tell unique immersive stories.

You can tell a whole story with just a few models 

Decentraland is halfway through the Creator Contest, and there's still a chance for you to show your creativity and skills. Remember that you may receive 100 MANA for every quality scene you develop, and, if you develop really good scenes, you might even make it to the finals and win generous rewards.