ChainMonsters, an RPG monster-hunting blockchain game is celebrating its 1st anniversary. In celebration, the development team has announced plenty of new content that will soon be added to the game, including the ranked gameplay, direct player vs. player invitations, the new marketplace, and much more!

Announcing ChainMonsters 0.4

The ChainMonsters development team announced many new things for 2019. Version 0.4 will focus heavily on the multiplayer aspect of the game. When the update is released, players will be able to fight each other using the monsters they acquire through the ChainMonsters marketplace.

ChainMonsters during its earliest days (0.001)

Version 0.4 will feature a Ranked System, which should bring more competitiveness to the game. Competitive players will be able to climb to the top of the leaderboard by crushing their competition, proving to everyone that their team of monsters is the best! Additionally, players will also be able to arrange private battles with other players, assuming they're both online.

The Experience System And The New Marketplace

Players will earn experience (XP) whenever they win a battle. Moreover, all monsters in your team will earn XP, which enables them to acquire new levels and abilities. Most importantly, monsters keep their stats, XP, and abilities even when you trade them away.

The development team also announced that they're currently redesigning the official ChainMonsters website, which should record and showcase player's progress (and the progress of their monsters) on the new marketplace. The 0.4 version should be released on January 21st.

What Is ChainMonsters?

ChainMonsters was first released on January 21st, 2018. Since then, the game has seen 3 major updates (0.1 - 0.3), with version 0.4 announced just yesterday.

Since its release, the game has progressed both mechanically and visually. ChainMonsters 0.1 was simple and available only via web browsers with MetaMask installed.

Version 0.2 introduced new and more appealing art style. More importantly, it added new areas to explore, as well as first NPCs and player versus environment (PvE) gameplay. Additionally, version 0.2 made ChainMonsters available for mobile users (iOS and Android).

ChainMonsters 0.03 introduced a beautiful art style and new content

And then version 0.03 took things even further. Core game mechanics were put on hold for the sake of game design. Also, the team made major changes to the game, making it more graphically appealing and content-rich.

The team announced that some game features, such as story mode, are now also on hold. Why? Well, putting these mechanics on hold allows the devs to focus on adding new content to the game, specifically new monsters and characters, which has shown to attract new players to the game