Two months ago DApp developer Wild Block announced it raised $450,000 in a seed round for its projects. The devs will use the money to develop Magic Gear, their native DApp development toolkit and platform, as well as for Imperial Rush, their first blockchain video game.

What Is Wild Block?

Wild Block specializes in delivering decentralized applications by using distributed ledger technology (DLT). The company is focused on mass-market adoption but is also well-aware of barriers that stand in that way.

Gold, crystals and building materials play a key role in Imperial Rush

Specifically, Wild Block sees end-user education and gamification as entry points that can remove that barrier and help non-blockchain gamers see and understand the benefits of DLTs.

What Is Magic Gear?

Magic Gear is a development toolkit and platform for DApp developers and users. Magic Gear is Wild Block's core project and will possess a set of tools for developers to freely develop DApps fully integrated with the platform.

More importantly, users with no game development experience will be able to use the platform and its tools to develop DApps with ease. The toolkit is promised to run smoothly and rapidly, enabling developers to publish new game titles fastly and regularly.

What Is Imperial Rush?

Imperial Rush is Wild Block's first blockchain game to run on Magic Gear. It's an online strategy game with elements of combat, exploration, and teamwork.

In the game, players first have to claim a piece of land by building a Town Hall on it. From that point forward, players can build various structures to expand their kingdom. For instance, players may build houses for their settlers, mines to gather resources, and towers to protect their kingdom.

Build your army of Heroes and slay your enemies

They may also build armies of Heroes to protect what is theirs, or conquer new territories abundant with resources. You can also send armies to Portal and fight epic battles to acquire new Heroes, with a chance of getting rare heroes.

On Imperial Rush Gameplay

Imperial Rush is built on the blockchain and therefore holds limitless potential. Players can explore the limitless territory, fight enemies, upgrade their base and Heroes, and trade items on an open marketplace.

By winning battles players also acquire crystals, which can be used to upgrade Heroes and unlock special abilities. You can also team up with other players and form key alliances to protect your borders and resources.

Last but not least, Wild Block reminds its users that almost all in-game assets are backed by ERC-721 tokens, and can, therefore, be traded freely across multiple blockchains, including Ethereum, EOS, and TRON.