Wars of Cutieland is said to be one of the most game-changing updates in Blockchain Cuties Universe's history. But what's it all about? What will it look like? What changes will it bring to the table? Let's find out!

In The Beginning, There Was Land

To play the upcoming Lands update, and to participate in the Wars of Cutieland, you'll need two things: Cuties and Land. Note that you should plan your geostrategy according to your resources, that is, it would be wise to ensure that you have enough Cuties to manage the type of Land you purchase.

Let's say you purchase an island, the smallest piece of Land. You join the game, the Land UI pops up, and you see that you have a small island with 400 slots (20x20 grid). Your Land is empty, and you want that to change. So, the next logical thing is to build, right?

You start small, but you dream big!

Effectively, you open the building menu and realize that you need resources in order to build your buildings. You decide to build a farm and lumber mill so that you have enough food and wood for future productions. Food and wood are coming, you're happy, life is good. Or is it?

Managing Your Cuties

You then realize that your kingdom is producing food and wood rather slowly. So, you select the best Cuties for the tasks, send them off to farms and lumber mill in order to increase your outputs.

Some time goes by and you begin to realize that you're accumulating more resources than you can spend. Naturally, you decide to build a market, since it allows you to trade resources with other players. As your kingdom is booming, you decide to zoom out of the map and take a look at your surroundings. The view is amazing, except for the fact that you're being surrounded by hawkish neighbors who don't seem to like your incredible production system.

To waaaaaaaaaaar!

Et Tu, Brute?

You start building barracks and fortifications to protect your kingdom. At one point, you have enough resources and soldiers to expand, and you figure that expansion to the Mainland would be ideal.

You group a couple of Cuties, back them up with an army and send them to the Mainland. Your settler Cuties arrive safely, and you establish a new settlement. You gather resources, start researching new technologies and prosper from your bold decisions. You like your new settlement, but your neighbor Regina666 doesn't. She has a huge army with an appetite for destruction, and you have an army that can barely withstand the first wave.

You look around and see that your other neighbor, Joshua777 has a huge army as well. You PM him: "I'll give you resources if you help me win the war against Regina666," He says okay, and the newly forged alliance wins! The battle is over, you two are friends, but you begin to wonder: "Joshua still has an army mightier than mine. Will he attack me? Should I betray him? Will he betray me?"

Lead your Cuties to glory!

Intense, strategic, exciting, never boring; Wars of Cutieland in a nutshell. Still not playing Blockchain Cuties Universe? Go to our DGaming Store and start playing! Grab yourself a piece of Land before someone else does!