The NeoWorld team has unveiled that they are closing their latest private round of funding after successfully receiving support from several major institutions. The team will use the generated funds to further develop NeoWorld, a decentralized virtual world controlled by the players.

Who are the Investors?

The biggest investments came from NEO ECO fund and former Antipool CTO, Hong Seng. NeoWorld also gathered the funds from Bfund Capital and Field Chain Foundation.

NeoWorld will use the funds to further develop their infrastructure in the hope to bring more users to their already successful project. NeoWorld currently counts 50,000 residents from over 50 countries across the globe.

What is NeoWorld?

NeoWorld is a Singaporean blockchain powered virtual world inspired by Second Life, a famous video game. In NeoWorld, users interact with other players, create businesses and engage in various activities that net them profit.

NeoWorld counts more than 50,000 players

Through avatars, NeoWorld players engage with a 3D virtual world, explore new content, start careers, accumulate wealth, and start their business in the same way they can in the real world.

The Essence of NeoWorld

NeoWorld is above all a social platform, where you connect with other players, make friends, and create a network of business partners in an attempt to create your own legacy. NeoWorld knows no boundaries in that regard; you can even run for election and become an important political figure!

You start by buying a parcel of land, on top of which you construct buildings to increase its value. You can also collect resources and offer your time and labor to others in exchange for NASH, NeoWorld's in-game currency. And like in the real world, your avatars have to move from across parcels to get to their destinations. You can walk, use public transportation, or use private vehicles to reach your destination.

The World of NeoWorld

NeoWorld is a self-governing world, meaning that users control the vital processes within it. Important things are regulated by lords and their committees, who are elected by other players. Choosing competent players to run the political system is important since they're the ones who are able to attract population, jobs and other opportunities that inspire economic growth on their continents.

NeoWorld is an MMO virtual world

The project is currently in the Silver Age, during which the players can develop artistic content and sell them for profit. Advanced players who already have sustainable and large business complexes may also use advertisement and exchanges to accumulate even more wealth. The Golden Age, which will introduce new content to the game and be followed by the release of NeoWorld's open API and SDK is scheduled for Q1 2020.

If you think NeoWorld is your cup of tea, feel free to visit its official website. And as always, be sure to check out or DGaming store to find other ready-to-play DGames!