Yesterday, the blockchain game developer behind MLB Champions and Crypto Space Commander (CSC), Lucid Sight, announced that it has raised $6 million in funding. Lucid Sight will use the funds to expand and further improve their two existing games, MLB Champions and CSC, as well as to develop and launch their Scarcity Engine.

Who Are The Investors?

Frontier Venture Capital, Animoca Brands (we mentioned them in our F1-related article), The Galaxy EOS Venture Capital Fund, Breakaway Growth, Salem Partners and Digital Currency Group are among the investors. Why invest in Lucid Sight?

MLB Champions is an official MLB crypto game

Because Lucid Sight is continually bringing joy to MLB Champions and CSC players. Both games are progressing, and both are introducing a vast array of content that satisfies even the pickiest of players. Above all, the funds will help Lucid Sight bring their games to a broader audience by allowing gamers to play their games on traditional gaming platforms, including PC, mobile and consoles.

Bringing Blockchain To The Masses

Reaching non-crypto gamers has proven to be a daunting task for many crypto developers, mostly because traditional gamers don't have the time or the energy to overcome the entry barriers blockchain games often pose (wallets, exchanges, extensions, dozens of private and public keys, and so on).

Having said that, Lucid Sight intends to use their fresh funds in order to shift their games to more traditional gaming platforms. Lucid Sight's Scarcity Engine will play an important role in this process, for it is designed with the idea of merging blockchain and traditional games.

Crypto Space Commander is a strategy crypto game developed by Lucid Sight

Lucid Sight plans to release this developer toolset by end of this year, allowing 3rd-party developers to create and release fully-functional games that appeal to traditional players but still have the elements of crypto games, including true asset ownership, scarcity, and interoperability.

Expanding And Collaborating

By partnering with Animoca Brands, Lucid Sight will make MLB Champions and CSC available to users in Asia. Anomica Brands signed a similar partnership with Dapper Labs, the developers behind CryptoKitties. Effectively, Anomica Brands now has a license to distribute three highly popular blockchain games, MLB Champions, CSC and CryptoKitties.

And as we said, some of the funds will also be used for the development of Lucid Sight's Scarcity Engine. It's worth noting that Lucid Sight is currently working with Iridium Studios on integrating their Scarcity Engine with Iridium's upcoming RPG, Cryptic Conjure.

In conclusion, Lucid Sight is making major moves, signing partnerships with major industry players and expanding both geographically and technologically. And if we may say it, Lucid Sight’s latest announcements and actions will not only benefit them and their players but the entire DGaming industry.